5 Held For Abhaikuti Incident, CM Asks Strict Investigation


KOKRAJHAR, JUN 13: Police administration have apprehended five accused persons who were involved with two bodies of young girl sisters of a family recovered at Abhaikuti area under Kokrajhar police station.

It may be mentioned that bodies of young girls were found on a mysterious condition hanging on a tree at Abhaikuti on Friday evening which has created chaos and sensation among the society.

Speaking the reporters today at Kokrajhar police station, SP Kokrajhar Prateek Thube told that the two sister’s death body were recovered at Abhaikuti under Kokrajhar police station was a tragic and unwanted incident for the society.

He said that a strict investigation is going on into the incident and necessary input and information are gaining up.

He informed that five accused persons have been arrested so far on Saturday evening.

An FIR has been lodged with Kokrajhar PS, registered no. 440/2021, u/s 120(B), 302 IPC and accordingly arrested the accused persons.

He said that the culprits would not be spared at any costs and strict investigation is going on into the incident.

He has expressed his hopeful that postmortem (PM) report is expecting coming by Monday into the incident where the details would be coming out.

He has termed that the incident was perpetrated by anti social activities.

The arrested were identified as Hanip Sheik (20), Jahanur Islam (23), Sangkhardev Barman (27), Aftaf Ali (26) and Muzzaamel Sheik (20).

Meanwhile, Assam chief minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma has asked police administration to investigate strict and deep thoroughly with observing on all sides of murder as well suicide case into two bodies of young girls of a family recovered at Abhaikuti under Kokrajhar police station.

Dr Sarma arrived at Abhaikuti remote area near Dheerlbil of Kokrajhar district in a chartered Helicopter at 10.45 am in the morning.He was accompanied with BTR CEM Pramod Boro and Kokrajhar East LAC MLA Lawrence Islary.

Dr Sarma has met family members of the victim girls and took stock about the unwanted incident.

CM Dr Sarma said a strict investigation is going on into Abhaikuti incident.

He has affirmed that involved culprits would not be spared and culprits would be punished.

“Investigation has been observing on all sides of murder or suicide”, Dr Sarma said adding that five persons have been arrested for interrogation.

He said that state government has been stepping strict against the incident.

He has asked BTC (IGP) and SP Kokrajhar to initiate strong investigation into the incident.

” We’re extremely pained at the tragic incident of Abhayakhuti, Kokrajhar .To reassure family of two minor girls, whose bodies were found hanging from a tree in mysterious condition on Friday, I met them today to console & share their pain”, Dr Sarma said.

He said that Assam government stands firmly by them (victim family members).

” I have instructed Assam Police to do an expeditious investigation to unearth the cause of death”, he said adding that the government will take stringent action, if there is any foul play. If the victims were forced to do self harm, Police shall find the reasons for the same.

“Women safety shall always remain top priority of Assam Govt. Atrocity in any form against poor too shall not be tolerated”, Dr Sarma added.

BTR CEM Pramod Boro has condemned the Abhaikuti incident which was an unfortunate incident took place in Abhayakhuti where two minor girls, Robita Rabha (14) and Somaina Rabha (16) both were found hanging in a tree.

” I am deeply disheartened by this incident. The government and the police department are both investigating strictly about the matter”, Boro said.

He informed that an ex-gratia compensation of 1 lakh was given to the victim’s family from the BTR government.

He has urged the police administration to take strict action against the incident.

A delegation team of All Bodo Students Union (ABSU) led by it’s president Dipen Boro visited at the Abhaikuti remote village and met family members of victims.

Boro has demanded a stringent step against the tragic incident and punished the involved culprits immediate.

He has opined that justice must be given to the victim’s family members without any delay.

Meanwhile, several social organisations of Rabha community including All Rabha Students Union, All Rabha Women’s Council have expressed their resented and unhappy over for not getting time to meet chief minister Dr Sarma during his visit at the Abhaikuti remote village.

“The chief minister Dr Sarma didn’t allow time for organisation leaders to meet him to share views on the incident. We were not fully satisfied that visit of CM. We wished a healthy meeting with CM on his visit”, said All Rabha Women’s Council president Tarulata Tangai.