ABSU Demands Release Of Jailed Ranjan Daimary 


KOKRAJHAR, JAN 25: The All Bodo Students Union (ABSU) has eyed release of all ex NDFB leader and members those are still in jails including Ranjan Daimary and make a properly implementation of all clauses of BTR accord with letter and spirit as BTR accord turns two year on 27th January.

Addressing the reporters today at a press conference held at Bodofa House in Kokrajhar, ABSU president Dipen Boro and general secretary Khanindra Basumatary said that all clauses of BTR accord must be implemented properly with letter and spirit as BTR accord turns two year on 27th January.

Boro said that ABSU wants early implementation of clause 3.1 of the BTR accord as village expulsion and inclusion is must in BTR within three months.

ABSU leader said that properly implementation of the clause 6.3 of BTR accord is must with letter and spirit.

He said that ABSU demands early release of all cadre and members of the ex NDFB including Ranjan Daimary those are still in jail.

He has demanded provincialisation of all venture schools in BTR districts through the spirit of BTR accord.

He has emphasised all cases of all ex NDFB members and leaders must be disposal as soon as possible.

ABSU leader said that a appointment measures in BTR districts through the Bodoland selection board to facilitate job opportunities among the educated youths across the BTR districts including in Education etc.

He has urged the BTR government to initiate for extending job opportunities.

The students union convey their gratitude to the union government and state government for taking initiative in implementation of the clauses of the memorandum of settlement (MoS) of the BTR accord expeditiously. Renaming of BTAD to BTR, formation of Boro-Kachari Welfare Autonomous Council, Bodo as associate official language of Assam, establishment of directorate of Bodo and other tribal language, provincialization of Kokrajhar music and fine arts college, posting of DIG, attachment of Deputy Commissioner under the administrative control of BTR, rehabilitation package to 4203 former NDFB members, withdrawal of 264 non-heinous cases etc. are already implemented.

As it is going to complete two years, the Union appeal for speedy implementation of all the remaining clauses of the MoS in time bound manner. Extension of boundary through boundary commission, ST (H) status to the Boro-Kachari living in Hill districts, Provincilisation of Schools and Colleges and implementation of Forest Right Act, 2006 are the key clauses to be implemented expeditiously.

The students union demand for early release of all the jailed members of ex NDFB including former chairman of NDFB Ranjan Daimary, withdrawal of all the remaining cases of NDFB members, rehabilitation to the remaining cadres, ex-gratia to the next of kin of martyr families and recruitment of the Bodo youths as per the spirit of the accord.

The studens union also appeal for notification of villages, formation of the Constituencies and conduct of election to the newly created Boro-Kachari welfare Autonomous council (BKWAC).

Further, in regard to the Bodoland council government the Union demand for early constitution of Bodoland Selection Board as it has been dissolved by the honourable Governor of Assam during Governor rule in may, 2020. Council government should expedite Recruitment of III & IV grade posts, appointment of TET teachers in provincialized LP/UP as large number posts are lying vacant and recruitment of PGT TET, posts lying vacant in sports department etc in the line of the state governmentto resolve the unemployment problems where more than 4 lakhs educated unemployed remained jobless in five districts.

The students union leaders appeal to work both the regional party UPPL and BPF, ruling and opposition jointly for the interest of peace and unity, BTR accord implementation and to provide corruption free good governance to the people of the region.