ABSU Reacts Against PIL Petition With High Court On BTR Accord


KOKRAJHAR, MAR 26: The All Bodo Students Union (ABSU) has strongly reacted and come down heavily on the Bodoland Janajati Suraksha Mancha and it’s working president Daorao Dekhreb Narzary for his unsuited remarks against the students union and filling PIL with Gauhati High Court against the BTR accord.

In a press statement on Saturday, ABSU general secretary Khanindra Basumatary while reacting to the press release of the Bodoland Janajati Suraksha Manch signed by its working president

Daorao Dekhreb Narzary against the students union to malign the nationalist & students organization of the Bodos and its president, Dipen Boro, the students union strongly condemn such kind of ill design, destructive and divisive mentality.

He said that the student union always respect the judiciary system. But the act of filing PIL petition countering the BTR (Bodoland Territorial Region) peace accord with Guwahati High Court by our own community people is very much shameful, injustice and disgusting.

” We are opposing only the shameful and intolerant person and their act of filing the petition against the BTR accord not against the direction of the Guwahati High Court. It is well accepted that the third Bodo peace accord was signed for the national interest of the Bodos, not against the interest of the community. The foundation of BTR Accord is under the sixth schedule of the

Indian Constitution with the objectives to augment area and strengthen powers & functions of the then BTAD with inclusion of more areas and villages, issues related to Bodos residing outside BTAD by creating BKWAC, which was not fulfilled by earlier two accords, to promote and protect social, culture, linguistic and ethnic identities of the Bodos, to provide legislative safeguards for land rights of the tribals and accelerated developments and rehabilitation of members of NDFB.

Filing PIL countering anyone of the clause of the MoS of BTR accord means registering case against the accord. For which the whole process of the accord will stop now from speedy and time bound implementation due to judicial process and may delay and take longer duration”, he said.

The studens union warns that if the process of implementation stops due to the PIL petition then organization and persons 95 others will be responsible for failure of the accord implementation before the community.

It shows that they are intolerant and prohibiting directly the inclusion of Bodo dominated areas and villages of Sonitpur and Biswanath, long pending issue ST Hill status to the Boro-Kacahari of Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao, Provincialisation of Schools and institutions, establishment of more number of educational and other institutes national and state level, ex-gratia to the martyrs, rehabilitation to the remaining former members of the NDFB, case withdrawal, release of the jailed members of NDFB etc.

The PIL move is a direct disrespect to the 34 years struggle of NDFB and the mass people democratic movement of the ABSU. It is a great disobey and neglect to the sacrifice of the thousands of martyrs of NDFB during their arm struggle.

The act of collecting names and signature of the Lot Gaonburas of various districts and areas by false rumour and propaganda misleading the reality and enlisting their names in the petition is a great crime and sin. It is an act of thief and conspiracy of the game plan imposing them to do without their consent conscience as the victim Gaonburas expressed after seeing their names in the petition. It is an on camera proof in media which is available now.

” We(ABSU) strongly rejects the blame that ABSU member has threatened someone. ABSU reaffirms and clarifies that not a single Bodo and tribal villages, tribal belts & blocks will not be excluded from existing BTR at any cause. Bodo community should know those persons and groups that are working like a virus and conspirators with false propaganda for their future political benefit by creating mistrust, to destabilize the peaceful environment of Bodoland region. Unholy, chaos, unrest statement of the Daorao Dekhreb Narzary is a clear message that they want to create violence among the community through misinformation and false propaganda and their direct support for formation of parallel Bodo student union and submitting of petition in the High court under the guidance and direction of political interest is a clear sign of that objective. All of them are engaged with party politics then and now and misguiding the common people by playing with their sentiment and emotions.

ABSU appeals all sections of the Bodo community, organizations, intellectuals, academicians, religious organizations to stay united and maintain peace and harmony for the interest of our society and not to believe such propaganda and deceitful matter.

He said that the students union will continues its mission programme on quality education and social building.

” We will put relentless pressure to the government of India and government of Assam including Bodoland council government for speedy and time bound implementation of the BTR accord clauses in letter and spirit. If it is delayed the students union will be compel to go for democratic movement for accord implementation in days to come”,the statement added.