Anti Terrorism Day Observed At Goybari


KOKRAJHAR, JUL 30: The anti terrorism day was observed on the occasion of 25th death anniversary of Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary, former president of ABSU at his burial place Goybari near Basugaon.

The day started with the half hoisting of ABSU flag by Dipen Boro President followed by floral tribute at his tomb to be initiated by his spouse Bhanumati Basumatary which was organised by All Bodo Students Union.

The latter part of the event is held with the open discussion Chaired by Dipen Boro, President ABSU by commemorating the Anti Terrorism Day, as part of the observation the key personalities have graced the occasion among them are Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, Chief Minister of Assam, Pramod Boro, CEM of BTC, Urkhao Gwra Brahma & Ranjit Das, Cabinet Ministers, MLAs Jayanta Basumatary & Lawrence Islary and EMs of BTR were present.

The All Bodo Students Union has been organizing public awareness programme every year as the “anti terrorism day” After this tragic death of the President of ABSU his successor then President of ABSU, Shri Urkhao Gwra Brahma taking the bold leadership has declared this day to be observed as “ANTI-TERRORISM DAY” significantly observed since 1997 till today.

He has been conferred the title by ABSU “Hero” the “Jwhwlao”, since then he is called as “Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary” who was very active student leader and dynamic social activists amongst the Bodos at that time, who had been working hard being the President of ABSU for the peace loving people in the region. As it is well known fact that activities of killing can never be justified in a good society and ABSU believes it is the common duty of every member in the society to oppose such violent activities. That creates threat for the human society and destabilizes peace in the region. There are different forms of terrorism and it must be tackled strictly to bring peace and violence free society as it has spread around the world in different ways, people must be educated to combat terrorism.

To combat the terrorism ABSU has observed this day by organizing different events such as the worldwide campaign against terrorism since 1997, intellectual discussions, Blood donation Camps, Burning of Arms, March Rallys against Terrorism, and Signature Campaign against terrorism. Massively from 2008 has been campaigning against the illegal weapon and violence that was trying to penetrate as a culture in the youth section of the society.

ABSU could realized that the future consequences of the extremism and terrorism and also about the effect and impact in the society. The growing gun culture in the name of Arms revolution creating not only threat for a section of the society but also it has been damaging the democratic value in the democratic country. On the other hand the students and youth section in the society has also being worse affected due to such activities that are very much absurd ideas.