Autorikshaw Drivers Stages Protest Demonstration Against e-Rikshaw In Kokrajhar


KOKRAJHAR, SEP 27: Expressing protest and resented against the route running of the e-rikshaw, members of Kokrajhar district committee of Autorikshaw Owner’s Association have staged a pretest demonstration in front of District Transport Officer’s (DTO) office today in Kokrajhar on demand of properly maintenance routes for e-rikshaw across the Kokrajhar town and it’s adjoining areas.

Hundreds of Autorikshaw owner and drivers staged protest demonstration with holding banner and demanded checking properly on routes for running of e-rikshaw in Kokrajhar town with proper mechanism.

Autorikshaw owner and drivers alleged that e-rikshaw has been creating miserable and resented among the autorikshaw owner and drivers who are facing severely financial hardships while leading a life by running of autorikshaw.

A memorandum was submitted to the DTO through the protest demonstration in support of demanding properly maintenance and regulation of e-rikshaw to maintain a good route management in Kokrajhar town as well adjoining areas.

Drivers have urged the district administration and DTO for properly maintenance of e-rickshaw routes with running on properly routes management to avoid clashing on route management.

“The e-rikshaw fraternities are not maintaining properly routes while carrying passengers in their running. Every hour of the running routes, the e-rikshaw carries passengers on the road whereas autorikshaws are line up for running the road as per time scheduled since morning. We are now not getting passengers due to the e-rikshaw’s massive passengers carrying on the road”, said autorikshaw drivers.

The association has demanded the at-random running of e-rikshaw must be checked and maintain a time scheduled movement in the outskirt of Kokrajhar town for providing a good road maintenance in between autorikshaw and e-rikshaw in Kokrajhar.