Awareness Camp Organises On Food Safety In Kokrajhar


KOKRAJHAR, NOV 11:  An awareness camp on food safety on wheels was carried out at Kokrajhar Girls HS school in Kokrajhar today to create awareness on essential foods among the citizen and student community.

The awareness programme was organized by Food Safety department Kokrajhar where a laboratory in build vehicle with capacity of spot testing/examinations for essential food items like milk & milk food products, water, rice, Dal, Atta, Edible Oils, Salts, Spices, Pickles etc. A demonstrations and public awareness was conducted by the chemists, analysts, Assam State Public Health Laboratory from the the food Analyst to the government of  Assam, Guwahati.

Senior food safety officer, Kokrajhar Bilifang Brahma told that the awareness programme was organized to build an awareness environment among the citizens and student community in Kokrajhar.

He said that citizens must know about the food safety and taking measures for bringing healthy life leading among the society.

Teachers and student community in Kokrajhar have expressed their gratitude for getting awareness camp in Kokrajhar, said that the demonstration on food safety has brought an environment of knowing about the safety measures on food items among the society. They said that the food safety awareness will be helpful for common masses while taking safety measures on daily leading life.