Battle For Koklabari BTC Constituency; Hargrama Indulges In Mudslinging


KOKRAJHAR, MAY 26: It has been observed that BPF president and former BTC chief Hagrama Mohilary has been indulging in fabricated politically motivated statement against the UPPL led UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance government in Bodoland Territorial Region and it’s chief executive member Pramod Boro who is also UPPL president.

UPPL president and BTR CEM Pramod Boro has come down heavily on BPF president Mohilary who has been frequently attacking ruling UPPL party, said that the UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance government is fully united in bringing all round development irrespective of caste and communities since the formation of coalition government. It is committed to work for healthy welfare and all round development across the BTR districts. On being asked about the capturing job cards of MGNREGA schemes, he challenged Mr. Mohilary to produce proofs of such incidents and promised prompt action.

Boro has denied the allegations levelled against him over meeting held with BPF president (Hagrama Mohilary) at a undisclosed location recently, said that there is no importance of Hagrama Mohilary (BPF president) in today’s juncture who has become now baseless person because Mohilary and BPF party has become irrelevant in the policies of BTR.

He said that he didn’t meet any BPF leaders including Mohilary and other opposition members.

He has accused that Mohilary has been indulging politically motivated statements to attract the public attention in vein.

He questioned that why does he need to meet BPF leaders when UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance government is going on smoothly with integration in the region as NDA alliance government in the state.

He has made clarification on Mohilary’s statement said, ” Neither I met BPF president Mohilary nor discuss over the new political development in BTR. Our UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance government is intact with integrity in the region “.

He said that BPF party has been in fear psychosis of massive defeat in the scheduled Koklabari constituency bye poll to be held on 8th June 2022 as UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance party’s candidate Mantu Boro is winning with huge margin from the constituency.

Hagrama Mohilary and BPF party totally have become baseless and irrelevant due to not being able do any development work in the region despite ruling the council for 17 years.

” Today, people from all sections in the region are living in peace and progressing on the path of development under the rule of UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance government “.

Boro said the BTR government has launched several schemes and missions for bringing healthy development in BTR districts including Bodoland Super 50 Mission, Bodoland Pig Mission, Bodoland Skill Employment & Entrepreneurship Development Mission, Bodoland Mushroom Mission, Bodoland Handloom Mission, Health Insurance Packages for Mediapersons of BTR districts etc are initiated by BTR government in our 17 month’s government in the region.

He said that peoples from the districts are getting good opportunities to be engaged involving on earning skill development as well earning livelihoods through the launched missions.

He said that several clauses of Historic BTR Accord have so far implemented like Disposal of cases of former NDFB cadres, providing of Rehabilitation to former NDFB leader & cadres besides Government has been initiating necessary steps to extend Ex-gratia to the martyr families etc.

” Since the formation of BTR Government, several hundred teachers have been appointed in the schools across the region and necessary measures for bringing qualify educational environment is initiated by the Education department”, Boro said.

He informed that the BTR region is ushering more developmental activities post BTR accord (27th January, 2020) on various sectors including Agricultural, Education, Health & Family Welfare Department, Tourism, Road Communication and building up a Community Happiness to establish a peace in the region.

” Citizens of the region wants permanent peace and harmony among the society and accordingly coming forward to extend support the Government to get more development”, Boro said.

UPPL president Pramod Boro said that the UPPL led UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance party’s candidate Mantu Boro is getting last laugh from the No. 22 Koklabari constituency Bye poll in a huge margin of votes as common masses are franchising their votes in favour of UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance party’s candidate.

He said that UPPL party and alliance partners are jointly working dedicatedly towards the welfare and developmental aspects of the common citizens in Koklabari Constituency since it’s inception in the BTR Government.