Baukhhungri Festival Concludes in Kokrajhar


KOKRAJHAR, APRIL 16: The 9th edition of Baukhhungri Festival was concluded at Baukhhungri Hills near Harinaguri in Kokrajhar district on Thursday after a two-day colourful programme scheduled.

The festival has been organising under the aegis of BTC Tourism department and Baukhhungri Festival Organising Committee, at least 10 km east of Kokrajhar town along the Baukhungri Hill in Kokrajhar which was started from 14th April.

Sea of people, young and old, men and women, irrespective of caste, creed and community, headed the ‘Baukhungri Hill’ to scale the hill on the Sankranti,a day before Bwisagu or Bihu.

The Bodos traditionally celebrate the festival as Baukhungri Hajw Gakhwnai (climbing of Baukhungri Hill) on the last day of Choitra month (April 13) that is Sankranti.

The festival gathers its attraction programmes like multi cultural demonstration, interaction Hills trekking amusement, organised on the eve of Rongjali Bwisagu(Assamese new year).

Several noted singer and Cultural activists participated and showcased attractive dancing on the concluding day of the event.

The Baukhungri festival is a national festival of Bodoland region,especially on the eve of Bwisagu or Bihu where peoples from all walks of life participates with great enthusiastic moment.

Chairman of the Baukhhungri Festival Organising Committee,Sanjoy Narzary told that the Baukhhungri Festival was concluded with Cultural integration and Hills trekking along the Baukhhungri Hills in Kokrajhar district.

He said that the festival witnessed large number of people’s gathering.

‘The traditional Bodo custom to climb the hill called ‘Baukhunguri’ on the auspicious day of Sankranti which has been celebrating as a festival every year in a systematic and organised way’.

He said that since (time) immemorial, locals have been thronging and climbing Baukhungri hill near Kokrajhar town in an unorganized manner,but since four years back, it has been organized by BTC Tourism department in well organized. He said that the festival has been exploring tourism field in the region through which tourists are visiting to see natural beauties and scenes.

On Thursday,BTR CEM and UPPL chief Pramod Boro has offered his prayer and worship to the almighty Bwrai Bathow at the Bathow Thanshali at the top of Baukhhungri Hills.

He has extended his Rongjali Bwisagu or Rongali Bihu greetings to all citizens of the region and whished a happy Bwisagu.

Boro has expressed his hopeful to his UPPL and BJP parties are winning all 12 contesting constituencies across the BTR districts.

He said that his party always wants healthy and prosperous welfare environment among all society.

He has expressed his resented over the horse trading politics afraid and state before Assembly election result countering across the region.

He said that the Mahajath partiers have no any value based politics.

Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) chief executive member ( CEM ) Pramod Boro has extended thanks to all sections of society for successfully voting in favour of UPPL-BJP alliance parties in the recent concluded assembly elections across the region.

Boro while addressing a press conference here in Kokrajhar, said that peoples are getting healthy and happy environment among the society in the reign of BJP led NDA government in the state.He has expressed his hopeful that BJP led NDA government is getting majority seats across the state to form straight second term in the state as BJP government was working dedicatedly towards uplift the society.

He has also extended sincere thanks to prime minister Narendra Modi, Union home minister Amit Shah for their extending support to the UPPL and BJP party in the state.

He has expressed that this time citizens of the state are getting healthy and peaceful celebration of Rongjali Bwisagu or Rongali Bihu across the state.

He has expressed his confident that BJP led NDA alliance parties are getting last laugh in all contesting constituencies across the state for paving the good governance.

Meanwhile, the Goru Bihu of the Rongali Bihu or Rongjali Bwisagu was celebrated in Kokrajhar today.

Peoples from greater Haloadal village celebrates Goru Bihu at Tarang River in Kokrajhar district with bathing the cattle in the morning.

” Villagers have offered their Bwisagu dance with singing Bwisagu songs”, a citizen said.

Bodo peoples are seeing on celebrating Rongjali Bwisagu or Rongali Bihu across the society from today after bathing the cattle along the river banks.

## Peoples cutting across the age bar,Bodo peoples offered their Dancing,singing Bwisagu songs today which has been attracting the Rongjali Bwisagu celebration with traditional music instruments like Kham,Serja,Shifung,Jotha,Kobtha,Harmonium etc.The Bwisagu celebration is a national festival of Bodo community.