Bike Rally Carried Out To Remember Atal Bihari Vaspayee On Birth Anniversary 


KOKRAJHAR, DEC 26: Along with rest of the state,the birth anniversary of former prime minister of India,Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vaspayee was observed on Saturday at BJP party office in Kokrajhar.

Party members and workers participated the programme which was organised as good governance day (susashan divos) by Kokrajhar district committee of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Marcha (BJYM).

Party leaders and members have recalled contributions of Vaspayee who had contributed a lot towards the welfare and development of the country in his whole life.

Vaspayee led the country by becoming two-time prime minister of the country and established a good relationship with various world countries and accordingly BJP party members and followers have initiated several programmes to mark the birth anniversary.

A bike rally was also carried out in Kokrajhar with the coinciding the birth anniversary observation of Vaspayee with the theme of ‘prasashan gain ki aur’ that saw an integration environment among the citizens.

Hundreds of bikers from different places of the Kokrajhar district participated the rally with holding placards of Atal Bihari Vaspayee which was started from Kokrajhar district committee of BJP party in Kokrajhar, traversed to commerce college via JD Road, flyover.

Vice president of Kokrajhar district committee of Bharariya Janata Yuva Marcha,Dhwrwm Basumatary flagged off the rally in the presence of Assam state executive member of BJP Jitu Kishan at party office in Kokrajhar town.

In the closing ceremony of the rally, Assam cabinet minister and guardian minister of Kokrajhar, Ashok Singhal, BTC executive member Arup Kumar Dey, Kokrajhar district BJP president Rajkumar Brahma attended.

Singhal has recalled contributions of Vaspayee who had dedicated his whole life towards the welfare and upift of the common masses across the country. He said that BJP party has been observing the birth anniversary of Vaspayee as the day of good governance across the nation to mark the celebration his bold leadership in the country.

General Secretary of the Kokrajhar district BJYM, Kansai Brahma said that birth anniversary of Vaspayee was observed with day-long programme scheduled in Kokrajhar to co-memory the contributions and dedication of Vaspayee in the country.

He informed that the birth anniversary saw a huge member’s participation from the yuva marcha and BJP party and a grand bike rally was also organised.

He said that the event was observed through a bike rally in Kokrajhar town that was ended at the premises of Commerce College in Kokrajhar.

“We remembered former prime minister of India Atal Bihari Vaspayee who had led the country by becoming two-time prime minister in the country”, Brahma said.