BJP extends support to independent candidate Sanjiv Dutta at Srirampur constituency

KOKRAJHAR, OCT 12: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of Assam state committee has announced decision for extending support to the independent candidate Sanjiv Dutta at No. 3 Srirampur constituency in Kokrajhar district in the ensuing general elections to the Bodoland Territorial Council.
Need to be mentioned that there are 12 candidates including BPF, UPPL, Congress, GSP are contesting from Srirampur constituency (reserve for non ST) in Kokrajhar district.
Among the contesting candidate,  Sanjiv Dutta has received support from BJP party in the BTC council elections, who is contesting as an independent candidate.
On Monday, president of Assam state BJP party, Ranjit Kumar Dass has announced that his party and in-charge of BJP party for Kokrajhar district and Assam minister Bhabesh Kalita have expressed their well gestures of interest to extend support to the independent candidate for Srirampur constituency Sanjiv Dutta in the ensuing BTC council elections.
Dass said that with extending support for Dutta, BJP’s contesting constituency tally goes to 27. He said that his BJP party is fully prepared to contest the council elections in 27 constituencies of 40 member house of the BTC Legislative Assembly.
He said that BJP party is contesting the BTC council elections with its own candidates in 27 constituencies and party is getting massive support from common masses to meet Parivartan and welfare aspects.
Dass said that alliance partner,BPF party had participated in the last Panchayat elections separately in the state and there was no such reports of disunity situation among other leaders.
He has claimed that saffron party is winning double digit number in the council elections.
He said that BJP-UPPL party was a dedicate and rendering social services in the council.
He mentioned that several prominent leaders of BPF party are likely joining the BJP party in December last and they are extending massive supports.
Need to be mentioned that BTC council was deferred for indefinite period in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic situation which was scheduled on be held on  4th Last.
On the other hand, contesting independent candidate Sanjiv Dutta has expressed his excited after receiving support from BJP party in the ensuing BTC council elections in BTAD
Notably, Dutta was former Gossaigaon base journalist  and involved with social activities in his life.
He said that he is getting massive support from all corners of the Srirampur constituency as BJP party has extended support in favour of his candidature.
He has assured of building an integrated society in the region and stressing for bringing youth and women empowerment in the region if he voted to the power.
He said that Srirampur constituency is very backwardness in it’s area and citizens must be uplifted in days to coming with proper developmental aspects.
“I shall devote my dedication towards bringing healthy development and welfare among all sections of the society in his Stuff constituency in days to come if he voted to the power”, Dutta added.


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