BJP Eyes 100+ Seats in Assam Assembly Elections


KOKRAJHAR, FEB 14: The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has eyed 100+ seats in the upcoming Assam assembly elections to form the state government for straight second term.

A Pristha Pramookh Sanmilan was held at Kokrajhar tea estate ground today under No. 30 Kokrajhar East constituency in Kokrajhar district today.

The sanmilon discussed deep and thoroughly over the preparation for the Assam assembly elections with strong electioneering strategies building up to woo the voters.

Senior BJP leader Bimal Oswal, Bibhuti Borgoyary, president of Kokrajhar district unit BJP, BTC executive member for Health & Family Welfare department, Arup Kumar Dey graced as speaker in the meeting.

Oswal said that his BJP party is fully prepared to contest the upcoming Assam assembly elections with their own candidates. He has expressed his hopeful that saffron party is winning 100+ seats with majority to form next state government in the state. He said that BJP party is getting 100+ seats in the assembly elections as irrespective of caste, creed and communities are coming forward to extend support to the saffron party.

BTC executive member and BJP leader Arup Kumar Dey said that his party is fully ready for contesting the assembly elections in the BTR areas. He said that BJP party has been gaining up its mass popularity among the citizens.

Meanwhile, president of Kokrajhar district committee of BJP party, Bibhuti Borgoyary has come down heavily on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over his remarks on tea estate labour’s wage enhancement upto Rs.367 from existing Rs.167 daily wage across the state.

He has accused of Congress party has been playing politics on tea estate wage enhance in the state.

He has alleged that Congress party never thought welfare and development for the tea estate labour fraternities who were deprived their due right and were during the 15 year ruled of Congress party in the state.

He said Rahul Gandhi’s remarks over the wage enhancement of tea estate labours is nothing, but a politically to woo the tea estate labour fraternities in the upcoming assembly elections.

“Congress party know only politics over the tea estate wage announcement when the election comes in the state.BJP party was working with massively to make welfare and development of all sections of the communities across the state”, Borgoyary added.


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