BJP Led Alliance Parties Will Form Government: Pramod Boro

KOKRAJHAR, MAR 8: President of UPPL party and chief executive member of Bodoland Territorial Region Pramod Boro has expressed his hopeful that the BJP led alliance parties are forming the state government with winning largest majority seats in the state of Assam.

On Monday in Kokrajhar, Boro while briefing the media persons said that his party and alliance partners are fully ready for the the upcoming assembly elections.

” UPPL party is contesting the upcoming Assam assembly elections with give and take policy. UPPL party is contesting in 8 constituencies directly and contesting in Mazbat friendly”, said Boro.

He is hopeful that his UPPL and alliance partners are winning majority seats across the state to form state government.

He informed that his party is stressing for people’s welfare and development for which why BJP led alliance government was working dedicated towards uplift of the state.

“There would be no impact of the Congress led Mahajoth in the state”, Boro added.