Bodo Sahitya Sabha hails BKWAC, Bodo language uplift initiative


KOKRAJHAR, OCT 10: The Bodo Sahitya Sabha (BSS) has hailed the state cabinet’s resolution for setting up of Bodo Kochari Welfare Autonomous Council (BKWAC) and recognition of Bodo language as associate official language in the state. Speaking to the reporters at a press conference held at RNB Bhawan in Kokrajhar today, president of Kokrajhar district unit of Bodo Sahitya Sabha Baneswar Basumatary while welcoming the initiatives taken from state cabinet, said that Bodo peoples are getting separate Directorate for Bodo and tribal language, Bodo language has been recognised as an associate official language through the spirit to BTR accord.

He said that Bodos are very much excited with getting welfare and development aspects through the hitting BTR accord in the state. He said that Bodo Sahitya Sabha wants healthy uplift and development of the Bodos as well other down trodden communities in the state.
He said that BTR accord has been pave the way healthy integration and welfare aspects among all sections in Kokrajhar communities.
He has extended sincerely thanks to the state government and concern for initiating bold initiative for granting and recognition of Book language as an associate official language in the state.
He has Andi urged the government to make properly implementation of all clauses of the historic BTR accord in days to come.


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