BPF-BJP Alliance Intact at Delhi and Dispur, Not in BTC, Hagrama Says


KOKRAJHAR, OCT 31: President of Bodoland People’s Front (BPF) Hagrama Mohilary has affirmed with clarity that the alliance spirit intact between BPF and BJP is still in Delhi and Dispur as alliance governments are going smooth, but both parties are contesting separately with their own candidates in the ensuing BTR elections due scheduled in first week of December next.

BPF chief Mohilary, who was also former BTC chief while addressing an election campaign at Anthihara Saragaon under Dotma constituency in Kokrajhar district today in support of party candidate Prakash Basumatary said that BPF is forming BTR administration for consecutive fourth term with winning largest single  majority seats in the ensuing BTR elections scheduled due in December next.

He has affirmed that the BPF party has been maintaining alliance with BJP in Delhi and Dispur, but contesting separately in BTR elections.

BPF-BJP alliance intact at Delhi and Dispur

“No one party can’t form BTR administration in the BTR, only BPF would be able to form BTR administration with winning majority seats. BPF is winning absolute majority with cent percent clear cut, no doubt”, Mohilary said.

He said that citizens those are living in BTR area since 2003 year itself to be given away land pattas in coming days besides getting equal opportunity and rights.

He said BPF party was working for all round development and welfare in the areas. He has shredded said that BPF party wants review on BTR accord to maintain equal opportunity and distribution among the citizens.

He said that the BTR election is going to be held in first week of December and BPF party is forming BTR administration within 15 December next with winning majority seats.

Notably, BPF is contesting in 37 constituency, BJP 26, AGP 1, UPPL 40, GSP 35, Congress 13, AIUDF 7 constituencies in the ensuing BTR elections.

BPF candidate for Dotma constituency Prakash Basumatary expressed his hopeful that he is getting last laugh from Dotma constituency as peoples from all walks of life are supporting his candidature. He has promised to devote deep social development and welfare among the society if he voted to the power.

BPF-BJP alliance intact at Delhi and Dispur

Mohilary also addressed an election campaign at Chirang Duar constituency for party candidate Kampa Borgoyary on Saturday.

Earlier on the day, Mohilary has offered his prayer and worship to the Bwrai Bathow at Jainary Mainaw Bathow under Debargaon constituency today.

Meanwhile, UPPL president Pramod Boro has been seen busy in campaigning for party candidates across four districts of the BTR.

Speaking the reporters at a press conference held in Baksa on Saturday, UPPL chjef Pramod Boro said that this time common masses are voting in favour of UPPL party for massive parivartan and welfare in the areas.He said that peoples in the BTR were deprived of proper development and welfare aspects due to insincerity attitudes from the BPF ruled BTR administration. He has alleged that BPF party has failed to work and devote for the welfare of the common masses in their 17 year ruled in BTR.

Boro has expressed his hopeful that his UPPL party is winning majority seats of the 40 member house of the BTR legislative assembly in the best BTR elections.


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