BPF-BJP Alliance Will Continue, Minister Pramila Says


KOKRAJHAR, NOV 21: “BPF-BJP alliance would continue till end of government in the state as BJP central committee announced its intact steady’, said Assam Social welfare minister and senior BPF leader Pramila Rani Brahma.

In an interview with media persons today in Kokrajhar, Brahma said that her BPF party has been maitaining alliance with BJP as the alliance was with BJP central committee and not with state BJP party.

She said that the state BJP party has been trying to disrespect it’s alliance partners and accordingly the alliance spirit matter reached to the central leadership. She said that the central leadership of BJP party announced for continuing its alliance step till completion of the government.

Brahma said that the BJP party voted to the power in the state in 2016 through the alliance spirit of BPF and AGP and till today the alliance spirit is goingon intact.

She has claimed that the BJP cannot sustain without support of BPF and other parties.
“Even though the state BJP party tried to break up the alliance spirit with BJP, but central leadership dismisses the pleas of the state committee”, Brahma said.

She said that BPF party is winning absolute majority to form the BTC council administration for fourth consecutive term.

She said that the BPF-BJP alliance will be continued till the end of the state government.
Brahma has opined the alliance spirit has been led under the leadership of BJP to meet heathy development and massive welfare in the state.

She has said that the BJP is the big brothers of the alliance.

“BJP is  big brother and BPF party is small brother,so we are intact in alliance in the state”, Brahma added.


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