BPF Candidates Facing Defeat In Assembly Election: Pramod Boro


KOKRAJHAR, MAR 25: Massive campaigning by different political parties and candidates is seen in different parts of Kokrajhar, including No.30 Kokrajhar East constituency to woo the voters ahead of the Assembly elections scheduled in third phase on April 6.

The UPPL and BPF along with their alliance parties are trying their best reaching out to the voters with promises. In the assembly elections, the UPPL party is contesting in 11 constituencies under the BJP led NDA alliance while the BPF party in contesting in 12 constituencies under the Congress led Mahajoth.

UPPL president Pramod Boro addressed a well attended election campaign at Bhotgaon under Kokrajhar East constituency for party candidate Lawrence Islary.

Talking to Reporters, Boro said that his UPPL party is defeating the BPF candidates in all the constituencies.

BPF president Hagrama Mohilary was seen campaigning for the party candidature for East Kokrajhar constituency Pramila Rani Brahma.

He has said that his party is getting massive support cutting across the communities in the region.

Meanwhile, BPF president Hagrama Mohilary addressed an election campaign at Kokrajhar Durgabari today evening in support of BPF candidate Pramila Rani Brahma.

He said that the Mahajoth is winning over 20 seats in the first phase and accordingly forming state government.

He also expressed his hopeful that BPF party is winning all 12 contesting constituencies across the region.