BPF Leader Pramila Rani Brahma Criticises BJP Partyarty


KOKRAJHAR, FEB 28: Assam Social welfare minister and senior vice president of BPF, Pramila Rani Brahma has criticised the former ally partner BJP party for betraying the BPF party.

On Sunday in Kokrajhar, Brahma has come down heavily on BJP party, said that the saffron party has been betrayed and insulted BPF party across the year.

She said that her BPF party was in alliance for five years in the state and accordingly enjoying cabinet ministers in the state government.

She has alleged that BJP party has been treated the BPF party like dog while maintaining alliance spirit.

She has confirmed that her party has made alliance with Congress party and become part of the grand alliance of opposition in the state.

She said BPF party is fully prepared for the assembly elections.

She said that her BPF party is contesting in 12 constituencies across the four districts of BTR and extending support to the Congress party in several constituencies.

Meanwhile, nearly 120 new members from different parties including UPPL, cadres from Adivashi Dragon Fighter joined the BPF party at a party meeting held at Joypur.

Minister Brahma and BPF leaders welcomed and offered felicitation to the new members with traditional Aronai and Phulam Gamocha.

Attending the meeting, Brahma told the media persons at a programme held at Joypur in Kokrajhar district said that her BPF party is fully prepared strategy to participate the assembly election.

She has claimed that her party is gaining up mass popularity among all communities of the society in the region and accordingly today many new members joined the party in a huge manner.

She said that she is contesting the assembly elections for seventh term as common voters are pressing her to go ahead for electioneering battle to serve the citizens.

” I am fully ready for contesting the assembly election for another term from Kokrajhar East constituency. I do hope, I am winning the assembly election for seventh term with massive support from all sections of communities”, Brahma added.


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