BTAD Gaonburahs demands salaries


KOKRAJHAR, OCT 8: The Bodoland Territorial Area Districts (BTAD) Gaonburah Association has expressed it’s unhappy over not getting any salary and due respect from the state government as well BTAD administration and demanded early allotment of appointments of Gaoburahs in BTAD region to meet good governance in the village areas.
Speaking the reporters Thursday in Kokrajhar, president of the BTAD Gaonburah Association, Dhananjay Brahma has welcomed state cabinet’s resolution for enhancement of salaries of Gaonburah upto INR. 9000 per month from existing INR. 6500. He said that state’s Gaonburah are enjoying salaries and getting due respects, but in Kokrajhar and Chirang districts of BTAD are depriving salaries and respects.

He has put demand to the state government for early appointment of Gaonburahs across the districts in BTC. He informed that necessary step and interviews to appoint the Gaonburah was conducted in December last for Kokrajhar and Chirang districts in BTAD region.
Altogether 489 posts for appointment of Gaonburah are made allotment and interviews had also conducted recently, but no good steps for releasing of salary was not processed till date.
Brahma informed that state government had allotted several numbers of Gaonburahs posts in Kokrajhar (317) and Chirang (172) districts respectively against existing 1208 Gaonburahs in districts.
A total 124 posts of Gaonburah are lying vacancies in Udalguri (64) and Baksa (60) districts respectively. The association has put demand to the BTAD administration to make appointments of the Gaonburah across the districts as Gaonburah are working for the social welfare and integration amongst the society.
He said that Gaonburahs in Kokrajhar and Chirang districts are not getting any salary or any other welfare funds from the governments as other district’s Gaonburahs are enjoying salaries. He has said that village headman or Gaonburah are regarded as the root head in the rural areas while leading society with integrity. He said that village headman have to be involved with all kinds of function as well social activities because the Gaonburah are main guardian of a village society.
He has expressed his hopeful BTAD administration as well state governments are allotting more posts to appointment Gaonburahs in the districts in immediate manner. He demanded fully appointment of village headmen in the districts to run the villages in smooth.
“The association was working for the uplifting of social integration and unity besides emphasized to eradicate child marriage and superstitious like witch hunting etc among society”, Brahma added.
On BTC election, Brahma has demanded early allotment of salary and honorarium for the Gaonburah from the government. He also demanded early conduct of BTC council elections without any delay to meet heathy democracy. He said that due to ongoing Governor’s Rule in BTC, several developmental activities are seeing stopped as well citizens are depriving their due rights and welfare aspects.


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