BTC CEM Pramod Boro Gifts Umbrellas for Women Street Orange Vendors


KOKRAJHAR, JAN 12: In a strategy for building beautiful “City of Peace” to attract the peoples who are visiting Kokrajhar, heart town of Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR), colourful umbrellas in uniformity was distributed among the women Orange street vendors on Tuesday at Karigaon national highway in Kokrajhar district.

The colourful umbrellas were distributed under the mission of “City of Peace” and initiated by Bodoland Territorial Council chief executive member (CEM) Pramod Boro to make the Kokrajhar town as ‘city of peace’ of the new aspect and step of the UPPL-BJP-GSP combined coalition government in BTC administration.

Pramod Boro led UPPL-BJP-GSP combined coalition government was formed on 15th December last after winning the BTC elections.

Notably, UPPL party won 12, BJP 9, BPF 17 (later one candidate joined BJP), Congress one (later joined BJP) and GSP won one member respectively.

Since after assuming in the office, BTC CEM Pramod Boro has announced Kokrajhar town as ‘city of peace’ with strategies for building beautification with attractive looking in the town.

Thousands of white Rose flower tuffs were distributed among the town shopping complex, residents and shops within the week of the BTC government formation.

On Tuesday, a total of 32 umbrellas were distributed among the women Orange street vendors who are daily use to come for selling the Orange fruits at Karigaon along the 31C national highway.

The colourful umbrellas with uniformity were purchased by BTC CEM Boro under the mission of ‘City of Peace’ in Kokrajhar and accordingly distributed among the women vendors to extend relaxation to the Orange vendors from sun and rain along the national highway.

“The initiative for bringing attractive looking, has been taking  to welcome the peoples and visitors to Kokrajhar, City of Peace”, BTC CEM Pramod Boro.

“My small personal gift to women Orange street vendors at Karigaon, Kokrajhar. I am simply amazed by their hardwork. When you pass through this road, kindly purchase their oranges in order to strengthen their livelihood”, Boro said that women peoples from the greater Karigaon and its adjoining areas come to the national highway for selling the Orange in the early morning”, Boro said adding that his coalition government in BTC has been taking strong interest for beautification and integration.

He also said that the whole towns across the districts of BTC would be uplifted and developed with necessary steps of innovative ensures.

“The Kokrajhar, heart town of BTC administration will be transformed with innovative ideas and attractive looking in days to come”, Boro said.

Women street Orange vendors have extended thanks to the BTC CEM Pramod Boro who has come forward to extend relaxation from hit wave of sun and rain by distributing colourful umbrellas along the national highway.

“Few days ago, BTC CEM Boro had personally come out from his vehicle for purchasing Orange on the street just after assuming his office as BTC CEM. We were very happy as now-a-day’s chief executive member purchases Orange on the open street”, sajd an Orange vendor at Karigaon.


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