BTC CEM Pramod Boro hails Biswajit Daimary

KOKRAJHAR, MAY 21: Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) chief executive member and president of United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL) Pramod Boro hailed the unanimous election of  Biswajit Daimary as Speaker of the 15th
Assam Assembly is a historic and proud moment for the Bodo community in the state of Assam.
In a press statement on Friday, Boro has lauded and termed that it is great historic moment for the Bodo community as a whole in the state of Assam.
“This marks the beginning of a new era in the Legislative History of Assam, where a Bodo public representative is being anointed in this important position for the first time. The occasion is a moment to acknowledge years of struggle and sacrifice of all who have selflessly worked towards the emancipation  of Bodo people in manifold ways. The Voice of the Bodo people gets a new sense
of direction and dignity today”, Boro said.
On behalf of the people of Bodoland Territorial Region and Bodo brethren
across different parts of the state, I offer my heartiest congratulations to
Daimary and wish him all success.
Notably, Daimary was elected to the Assam assembly from Panery LAC and was former Rajya Sabha MP.
” I thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister, Amit Shah  whose support made this moment possible. I do also express my
sincere gratitude to thank Dr Himanta Biswa Sama, Chief Minister,
Council of Ministers and MLAs of the BJP, AGP and UPPL for electing
Daimary as the new Speaker in the Assam assembly”,Boro said.
“As a conscience keeper of the collective aspirations of Assamese people in
the Assembly, I am sure that Daimary will play a significant role, having had
a long innings in public life as a student leader, social worker and a long time
Parliamentarian”, Boro added.