BTC Polls: ABSU Demands Strict Security Vigil in Elections, Extends Support to UPPL Party


KOKRAJHAR, NOV 6: The All Bodo Students Union (ABSU) has  demanded strong security deployment during the ensuing general elections to the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) to meet free and fair council elections.

Addressing the reporters today at a press conference held at Bodofa House in Kokrajhar, ABSU president Dipen Boro said that ABSU wants properly implementation of all clauses of the BTR accord with letter and spirit to pave way healthy development and welfare aspects. He informed that till date six numbers of clauses of the BTR accord are implemented from the strong initiative of governments.

He has clarified that ABSU does not meant UPPL as well as UPPL does not meant as ABSU as alleged from opposition BPF party leaders towards activities of the ABSU.

He has demanded the ensuing BTC election should be conducted in free and fair and smooth to elect public representative across the four districts of the BTC.

“Deploy sufficient security in four districts of the BTR to meet smooth conduct of BTC council elections”, Boro said.

ABSU president Boro has announced that the students union is extending direct support to the UPPL party in the ensuing BTC election as UPPL president Pramod Boro was one of prominent signatories of the historic BTR accord that was signed on 27th January last.

He said that ABSU is a non political organization and it would continue its activities in days to come with social integration.

He has also expressed his resented over the atrocities and ABSU office at different places in the districts ahead the BTC council elections. He has urged state government and concern authorities to take stern step against the atrocities and attack of ABSU offices across a region.

Boro has strongly reacted to the false propaganda raise from opposition BPF party, “False propaganda and rumour on BTR accord, land rights to non-tribals and against ABSU to divert common peoples mind from rampant corruption, dictatorship rule and
failure of giving good governance in the 17 years of rule in BTC”.

He has strongly condemned the such unsuited remarks and propaganda on the BTR accord.
He said that the students union always stands for peace, good governance, equal justice and land rights to all communities in BTR of Assam state.

BTC Polls ABSU demands strict security vigil in elections

He said that the students union  clearly expresses its deep concern on the ongoing false  propaganda and rumour published by some vested interest political parties, politician and political representatives during their election campaign on the land rights of the non-tribal and non-Bodo people living in erstwhile BTAD and now in BTR. Massive anti- BTR  campaign and false propaganda to malign the very spirit of the memorandum of settlement (MoS) of the BTR accord has seen in social media, political speech to divert the common peoples mind from misrule, misappropriation and high mounting failure of development in the last 17 years of ruling  government in BTC, rampant corruption done in MGNREGA, PMAY and various schemes  by the successive government that CAG clearly mentioned in its earlier report, illegal appointments before 6 month of their last tenure in 2020. Fear psychosis and threat has been giving to the common people mentioning MoS of the BTR accord with false propaganda of snatching land right and property from the non-tribal people by some vested interested groups with conflicting interest of communal sentiments to destabilise the peace and harmony of the region.

He has strongly condemns the very ill-motivated and design of the politically immoral statements and clarifies its stands on the MoS of BTR that mentioned  regarding land issues.

“Clauses that mentioned on land right in MoS of BTR related to state outside the territory of BTR”, he said adding that the clause 7.1 government of Assam may consider enacting a special legislation to provide adequate safeguards to land rights of STs living outside tribal belts and blocks in areas outside BTAD.

The clause 7.2 government of Assam will take effective measures to protect khas land, grazing land and water bodies from illegal encroachment land rights of non-tribal in erstwhile BTAD and now in BTR remain as same without any impact and affect: He has indicated that the BTC Accord MoS 4.3 clause : Safeguards for the settlement rights, transfer and inheritance of property etc. of non-tribals will be suitably incorporated in para 3 of the sixth schedule.

Any such law may be made by the BTC in this regard will not, in particular entertain (a) shall not extinguish the rights and privileges enjoyed by any citizen of India in respect of his land at the commencement of BTC, and (b) Bar any citizen from acquiring land either by way of inheritance, allotment, settlement or by way of transfer if such citizens were eligible for such bonafide acquisition of land  within the BTC area.

He mentioned that the amendments to the sixth schedule shall include in such a manner that non-tribals are not disadvantaged in relation to the rights enjoyed by them at the commencement of BTC and their rights and privileges including land rights are fully protected.

Land rights of all the communities of tribal and non-tribal residing in BTR will be equally protected and enjoyed as per the above clause of amended sixth schedule without any
hindrance. None of us need not to fear and feel insecure, unsafe in regard to land right because BTR is an arrangement within the state of Assam and India under the Constitution of India.

The BTR accord signed on 27th January, is an exemplary accord by bringing peace shunning  the path of arms revolution and democratic movement of Bodo movement organisations ABSU, NDFB and UBPO for the interest of the people of BTR for speedy development, good governance and equal rights and justice to the Tribal and non- tribal Communities maintaining territorial integrity of the state of Assam with maximum autonomy, powers and stablishment of new institutions of national importance, industry, factory, self employment generation avenues etc for employment generation and economic development with education institutional hubs.

BTR had been accorded on the basic foundation of the existing amended Sixth Schedule (Constitution amendment) Act, 2003 to augment area and powers of BTC and having more
legislative, executive, administrative and financial powers with an expanded and extended  areas and villages, to increase 60 nos of constituencies, more new districts through reorganisations, direct finance by amending Article 280 of the Constitution of India and
attachment of DC and SP etc. BTR arrangement is not specified for single community, it is a far better arrangement with equal rights and development for all communities living in BTR
of tribal and non-tribals and reservation to all.

Boro has accused of the blame game of former BTC chief on ABSU is a politically motivated and disgusting.

“ABSU is a non-political, students Union as a social organisation with its own constitution. It is clearly written in its constitution 3 (f) that ABSU can “tackle and settle the political issues If and when the existence of the Bodo people is threatened, though the ABSU is a non political organisation”, Boro said.

In 1991 ABSU played role in Assembly election, won MLAs, during 1993 ABSU supported Sansuma KhunggurBwisumuthiary as BAC Chief, in 2001 again ABSU played role in assembly, won MLAs, in 2003/2005 ABSU supported Hagrama Mohilary as a signatory of BTC, this time people call for change for peace, speedy development, good governance and for BTR accord implementation. Since signing of the BTR Accord ABSU has been relentlessly working for BTR accord implementation with its top agenda.

He has clearly informed that for the sake of accord implementation the students union is in favour of UPPL, as UPPL is founded uniting BPPF and UDPF by support of the ABSU in 2015 and associated with the movement group organisations and now in favour of
accord implementation if voted to the power with top priority it will work for speedy development of the region.

On the contrary, BPF and its leaders openly criticising with anti BTR stand, against accord implementation. The statement made by BPF leaders that ABSU is UPPL and UPPL is ABSU is totally baseless and ill-motivated. Because ABSU is only supporting UPPL to bring permanent peace, faster development, good governance, political change in favour of BTR accord implementation.

He said that the students union as a key signatory organisation appeals to all sections of the people of BTR, young generations and common masses irrespective of caste, creed, religion to vote for change,employment,equal rights and development for peace and good governance.


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