BTC Polls: Campaigning Wave Gains Massive Momentum to Woo Voters


KOKRAJHAR, NOV 12: Although the state election commission has yet to be declared the dates of the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) election, the electioneering campaign from different parties are seen massive gaining up in four districts of the BTC region with dancing, singing, other activities to woo the common voters.

Contesting parties including UPPL, BPF, BJP, AIUDF, Congress are seen busy in campaigning with their respective party strategies.

On Thursday, UPPL party carried out a massive rally today at Dimalgaon Mazpara under Debargaon constituency in Kokrajhar district where tens of thousands of party supporters and leaders participated.

The rally saw a massive wave of supports from all walks of life in the district as well across the region.

BTC Polls: Campaigning wave gains massive momentum to woo voters

UPPL chief Pramod Boro, former Rajya Sabha MP Urkhao Gwra Brahma and several central leaders attended the rally where UPPL president Pramod Boro show dancing with party theme song amidst massive thronging of party supporters that attracted common voters in the grand mass rally.

Party supporters from six constituencies under Kokrajhar subdivision- Debargaon, Banargaon, Baukhungri, Salakati, Dotma and Fakiragram constituencies participated the rally and supported the UPPL party in the ensuing BTC council elections.

In the BTC council election, UPPL party is contesting in 40 constituencies, BPF 37, BJP 26, GSP 35, Congress 13, AIUDF 7 with their own candidates.

UPPL chief Pramod Boro told that it is a mass rally for Parivartan and establishment of peaceful in the BTR area. He has alleged BPF party has indulged massive corruption and anomalies which had brought massive setback of BTR area since 17 year of rule.

He has accused of BPF president and former BTC chief Hagrama Mohilary totally has been cheating the citizens of the BTR area to gain their political gaining on to corrupts till date.

BTC Polls: Campaigning wave gains massive momentum to woo voters

He said that UPPL party is winning over 30 seats of 40 member house of BTC legislative assembly elections to be due in December next.

” Common voter’s massive support wave is a good response to meet Parivartan and development in the BTC region,so today peoples are thronging with massive welfare spirit”, Boro said.

He said UPPL party has been stressing to facilitate good governance and healthy development in a BTC region.

He said that UPPL party is committed to work for massive parivartan and welfare aspects among all sections of communities.

He informed that peoples in the BTR area are getting opportunities for uplift and welfare aspects as BTR accord has been paving the way healthy educational institutions as well social integration among all sections of the communities.He said that the BTR accord was an inclusive solution of the long  standing issue of the Bodos.He said that the peoples who are living in the BTR are getting land pattas and some other welfare steps within six months if UPPL party voted to the power in the ensuing BTC elections.

He has urged the common peoples to vote in favour of UPPL party candidates across the BTR districts in the council elections.

“We must have a united and integrated society with equal distribution and equal development in the BTR area.UPPL party is sure to facilitate massive integration and peaceful environment building”, Boro added.

BTC Polls: Campaigning wave gains massive momentum to woo voters

Former Rajya Sabha MP Urkhao Gwra Brahma has referred BPF chief Hagrama Mohilary as weak tiger who has reigned the BTC region for 17 year who is now become weak in his Debargaon constituency and now young tiger (UPPL candidate Buddadev Mushahary) is becoming more stronger with massive supports.

He said that Mohilary is facing severe defeat in Debargaon constituency for his failing to make welfare and development  in the constituency. He said that citizens are coming forward with hand of UPPL candidate Buddadev Mushahary.

UPPL secretary Wilson Hasda has claimed that UPPL party is winning absolute majority in the ensuing BTC council elections as citizens are supporting the UPPL party wholeheartedly. Hasda said that common masses have so far showed their warm support and massive welfare gestures and accordingly the UPPL party is getting last laugh from the BTC constituencies in the council elections.

BTC Polls: Campaigning wave gains massive momentum to woo voters

Meanwhile, BPF president and former BTC chief Hagrama Mohilary addressed a well attended mass gathering at Mudwibari constituency in Udalguri district in support of party candidate Jagadish Sarkar.

Mohilary said his party is getting massive support across the districts as BPF party has dedicated wholeheartedly for common masses.

He has claimed that BPF party is forming the BTC council for consecutive fourth term with winning absolute majority in the BTC council elections.

He has reacted over Biswajit Daimary’s erosion from BPF party, said that there would be no impact within party organisation with Daimary’s resignation.

“BPF party is still very integrated and united. No impact has been felt within party”, Mohilary added.


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