Campaigning Gains Momentum In BTR Districts

KOKRAJHAR, MAR 27: Massive campaigning from different parties including United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL) and Bodoland People’s Front (BPF) have been seeing deepen in support of their party candidates across the four districts of Bodoland Territorial Council for the upcoming assembly elections to be held on 1st & 6th April during the second and third phase of the Assam assembly elections respectively.
On Saturday, over 500 peoples from different parties and organisations including BPF party have joined the UPPL party at two different places including Sukhanjhora and Bishmuri under Kokrajhar East constituency in presence of party president Pramod Boro and UPPL candidate Lawrence Islary.
UPPL president Boro and senior party and have welcomed the newly joined members and offered felicitation with traditional Phulam Gamocha and Aronai.
Boro addressed a well attended election public gathering held at Bishmuri play-ground in support of UPPL candidate Lawrence Islary.
He said that his party is contesting in 11 constituencies under the BJP led NDA alliance across the BTR districts and his party is winning in 8 constituencies and NDA is forming government in the state.
He said that UPPL led alliance government in BTC was working dedicatedly towards uplift and development for all round development of the common masses.
He has said that BPF ruled previous government had indulged massive corruption and anomalies of which why citizens have been deprived their due right and opportunities nearly two decades in the BTC districts.
He said that UPPL candidate in Kokrajhar East constituency Lawrence Islary is getting last laugh from the constituency as all sections of the communities are coming forward to extend support in favor of UPPL candidate in the assembly election.
He said this time BPF party candidates are facing severe defeat as because BPF party has failed to fulfil hopes and aspiration of the common masses across the constituency.
” There is no impact of the BPF candidates across the BTR districts. All contesting candidates of the BJP led NDA alliance are winning majority supports in the upcoming assembly elections”, Boro said.
UPPL candidate for Kokrajhar East constituency, Lawrence Islary has expressed his hopeful that he is getting last laugh from the constituency as cutting across communities are supporting his candidature.He has assured for all round development in his constituency if voted to the power in the assembly election. He has appealed to all sections of communities to vote in favor of UPPL candidates to meet good governance and healthy development.
Meanwhile, nearly 250 peoples joined the BPF party at a party meeting held at Athiabari near Ramfalbil in Kokrajhar district on Saturday.
BPF candidate for Kokrajhar East constituency and Assam Social welfare minister Pramila Rani Brahma welcomed the newly joined members with traditional Phulam Gamocha.
Brahma also inaugurated Athiabari election sub-committee office and addressed electioneering campaign.
Talking to the media persons,Brahma said that she has been contesting the assembly election for straight 7th term and getting last laugh from the constituency. She informed that her BPF party is winning all contesting 12 constituencies with massive supports in the assembly elections.
She has claimed that UPPL party will have no any impact in the assembly elections.
She has expressed her hopeful that Congress led Mahajoth is forming government in the state with winning majority seats across the state.