Citizens Cry For River Bank Erosion Control In Kokrajhar


KOKRAJHAR, JUL 22: At a time when state government has been drumming for protection of river bank erosion and constructions of bundhs along the rivers across the state, citizens from greater Baruapara area are crying for immediate step to stop the massive river erosion and constructions of permanent bundh along the Gaurang River in Kokrajhar district.

The Gaurang River has been creating miserable situation among the farmer and common masses by eroding the paddy cropping land as well residential areas at greater Baruapara and it’s adjoining areas since long years under No.30 Kokrajhar East constituency. Farmer and citizens are facing massive erosion situation every year during the summer season due to flash floods and non availability of permanent bundhs and protection measures from the government.

Several hundred families from several villages like Khutamari, Baruapara north, Baruapara south, Bodeaguri have been facing massive erosion situation from the Gaurang River every year and losses their cropping land, residential areas in the river erosion.

Citizens have alleged that the state government and water resources department have yet to initiate good step to control river erosion and flood affected area so far.

They said that due to the insincerity attitudes from the government, common masses are facing severe hardships every year during rainy and summer season as flash floods have been creating sleepless miserable situation.

They informed that they, even though approached to the concern water resources department and district administration authorities for protection of river erosion and flood control, yet no good response was reached towards the issues.

They said that the flash floods from the Gaurang River every year has been hitting the citizens to be sleepless by eroding the paddy crop land as well residential areas.

“Neither minister from water resources department nor public representatives are visiting the River erosion site till date to take stock about the situation face of local peoples those are eroded by Gaurang River at the greater Baruapara area in Kokrajhar district”, local public said.

They informed that former Assam cabinet minister Pramila Rani Brahma didn’t take proper steps to ensure river erosion site who remained long years as MLA and state minister from the area.

Citizens have expressed their deep concern over the massive river erosion along the Gaurang River and demanded early initiative from the state government to construct a permanent flood control bundh at Baruapara abd it’s adjoining areas through the ongoing Assam state budget session to extend little relief from the flash floods in the district.

They (citizens) have urged the state government and concern department officials to make maiden visit at the river erosion site and flood affected areas to check the situation flood control during the rainy and summer season.

“We are living under a miserable situation as every year the Gaurang River erodes the cropping land and residential areas at greater Baruapara area in the district”, said Selim Patgiri, a resident of Baruapara.