Conduct inquiry into alleged stone pelting on Bharat Sharma house: Akhil Hindivashi Vikash Parishad


KOKRAJHAR, OCT 19: The Akhil Hindivashi Vikash Parishad of BTC region has demanded inquiry into alleged stone pelting to BPF CWC member Bharat Sharma’s house on Sunday in Kokrajhar town.

Speaking the reporters on Monday in Kokrajhar, president of Akhil Hindivashi Vikash Parishad of BTC region, Sanjay Tiwari has condemned the stones pelting incident and demanded strict punishment those involved with unwanted incident.

Tiwari expressed serious concern over the stone pelting targetting to Bharat Sharma’s building located at Ward No.3 in Kokrajhar by unknown miscreants on Sunday.

He has denied the allegations levelled against him and parishad by Bharat Sharma behind the incident and termed that it was baseless and unwanted remarks made by Sharma to blame the Vikash Parishad among the society.

He has come down heavily on Sharma for his unsuited remarks of involving the Vikash Parishad members in the pelting stones at Sharma building that led damaged of windows. He said the Parishad never want somebody’s damage or causes among society.

Tiwari claimed that no one member from the parishad was involved with the stones pelting incident as Sharma raise allegations against the Vikash Parishad.

He has accused of Sharma who had himself perpetrated tactically damages  to his own properties to gain up his personal status as well lobbying VIP security protection from district administration.

Conduct inquiry into alleged stone pelting on Bharat Sharma house: Akhil Hindivashi Vikash Parishad

He alleged that Sharma has been indulging unnecessary remarks by misleading the Vikash Parishad members as well district administration by spreading the pelting stones at his residential complex in Kokrajhar town itself.

He said that Bharat Sharma is not well being member of the Parishad as he had been claiming till date as chief patron Saint of the Akhil Hindivashi Vikash Parishad in BTC. He has been trying to attract himself by taking advantage of expressing insecure pretending in his personality by showing stones pelting incident amidst  heavy security deployments in Kokrajhar town.

Tiwari has demanded conduct of strict inquiry into stones pelting incident on Sharma’s house and punished the involved culprits with strict law.

He said that members from the parishad always wanting healthy uplift and welfare among the society in the region and accordingly working for the welfare and development services among the society since it’s inception.

Tiwari slammed Bharat Sharma for his politically motivated remarks by Vikash Parishad, said that Vikash Parishad never doing anti social thinking as Sharma raise voice of handling financial nexus with political parties. He said that the Vikash Parishad cannot think of taking financial anomalies ahead the BTC council elections from political parties.

He has strongly cordoned off the allegations levelled against the Parishad and urged him not to blame with unsuited remarks on Vikash Parishad in near future.


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