COVID-19 Row: Handicraft Master Jaleswar Brahma Faces Financial Hardships


KOKRAJHAR, JUL 24 : The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation has brought a miserable financial hardships among day-to-day bread earner citizens in the state besides handicraft master Jaleswar Brahma’s family is severely affected on earning livelihood due to the COVID-19 lockdown situation.

Jaleswar Brahma is hailed from West Danggarkuti village of Kokrajhar district, a well known person among the society for his Mainao cane and bamboo handicraft works since 40 years last.

Brahma, now 65-year-old, who is a father of five sons and two daughters, started his handicraft profession since his schoolling ife and since then produced different products of furnitures from cane and bamboo and leading his family.

Brahma founded a small industry in 1987 with nomenclature of Mainao Cane and Bamboo work at his own Dangarkuti village and producing various qualities of furnitures from cane and bamboo.

However, Brahma’s family is facing severe financial hardship due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation since beginning of 2020 as selling and purchasing of furnitures are getting very rare till date.

Brahma and his son are always seeing busy on making various types of furnitures including tea table, sofa chair, Khula, Jantha, Jekhai, Khobai, fan with smooth varnish and decorated designs.

Brahma told that during 40 year long journey on his handicraft profession, participated in various national and international exhibition, trade expos including Bhutan, Nepal countries.

‘Handicraft profession is the my family’s main source of livelihood. But the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation has hit on earning livelihood”, Jaleswar Brahma said.

Brahma received several felicitation certificates from different government department, NGO, organizations for his creativity of hand crafts.

He informed that neither he get government’s financial support nor get silphi pension till date.

He has eyed government’s aid and support for expansion his small industry in coming days.

“I started my profession 40 years back through which I today reach in this juncture. I am very much interested on the handicrafts works.But,the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation has affected him on earning livelihood and carrying jobs.The selling and purchasing of furnitures are totally affected in last 18 months due to COVID-19 pandemic situation”, Brahma added.