COVID Lockdown Impressed Woman To Create Massive Hand Craft Activities In Kokrajhar


KOKRAJHAR, JUL 20: Despite heavy busy on family maintaining, the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown impressed a woman to be involved on massive handicraft activities that led her to be well known among the society at remote greater Sutarpara area of Kokrajhar district.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation has impressed her (woman) to be involved massively on making hand craft jobs at her home and accordingly earned little livelihood through the selling of hand crafts materials.

The woman is none other than, Rudmani Narzary of Sutarpara near Haltugaon of Kokrajhar district, who is regarded as an expert on bamboo hand crafts in the greater Sutarpara area.

The woman has been well known among the society for her well expert on making handicrafts, self wall painting, cement concrete flower tuffs etc.

She able to make various types of bamboo hand crafts like Kopri (Japhi), Jekhai (Jokai), Khobai (Kholoi), Kokha, Fan (Gisivv), Sandri (Saloni) etc in her life.

She also know how to make cement concrete flower tuffs at her own house besides she is well expert on wall painting as well designing with decoration.

Rudmani Narzary is mother of four sons in her family.

She has graduated her education from Science College Kokrajhar (School of Open Education) and her two sons are studying in BA degree.

Narzary’s husband Bisturam Basumatary is a school teacher at Patgaon locality and he has been helping her on hand craft activities.

Narzary has learned all her hand crafts knowledge from her mother during the class VIII standard as her mother was well expert on hand crafts.

In an exclusively interview with NKTV, Rudmani Narzary told that she has been involving massively on hand craft activities during the COVID-19 lockdown at her home because the Covid pandemic situation compelled her to be involved with hand crafts creativities.

She informed that she was coming expert on hand craft activities since class VIII standard in her family. She is well known on making various kinds of hand crafts like Jekhai, Khobai, Kopri, Koka, Gisivv, Sandri etc. She also seen good hand on framing flower tuffs with cement concrete on different types etc.

She informed that the floor tuffs and hand craft materials are sold at various rates of prices at her own house.

She said that she has been doing all her jobs during the Covid lockdown and accordingly earned her livelihoods.

“Customers are pouring at her home to purchase the materials through which she has able to become self reliable on her own feet”, She said.

Narzary’s husband Bisturam Basumatary said that his wife is becoming busy on her hand craft activities since long years. However, she has become very impressed due to ongoing COVID-19 lockdown in her house.