District Administration Ready to Hold BTC Council Election


KOKRAJHAR,DEC 3: District administration, Kokrajhar is fully ready to hold BTC council elections scheduled on December 10 for five constituencies under Kokrajhar Sadar sub-division in Kokrajhar district.

Addressing the reporters at a press conference held at DC office conference hall today, Kokrajhar deputy commissioner and district election officer, Bhaskar Phukan told that the district administration has fully prepared to conduct the council elections under Kokrajhar Sadar sub-division. Five constituencies including Fakiragram (70497 voters), Banargaon (54648 voters), Debargson (63009 voters), Baukhungri (46238 voters) and Salakati (50758 voters) constituency.

Phukan said that there are 390 polling stations under Kokrajhar subdivision, among these 109 comparatively safe polling station, 170 sensitive polling station and 102 polling stations have been identified as very sensitive.

Phukan said that district administration has deployed strict security vigil across the constituencies under Kokrajhar subdivision.

He said that district has arranged necessary steps to ensure smooth successful and free and fair environment during the council elections.

He said that the each and every polling stations would be sanitised strictly to combat the Coronavirus pandemic situation.

He said that the BTC council elections would be conducted through the maintaining of strict COVID-19 protocol.

He said that the district administration and concern election officers are ready to conduct the council elections with necessary measures.

Phukan said that district administration is fully prepared for meeting free and fair council election environment through healthy participation.

He has appealed to all sections of citizens to participate in the council election for franchising democratic rights.

He informed that inter state border with West Bengal and international border with Bhutan are keeping under strict observation during the council elections.

He said that district and police administration have been taking stern initiative to meet a healthy and successful completion of the BTC council elections in the entire district.


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