Drugs Peddler Arrested With Heroin In Kokrajhar


KOKRAJHAR, JAN 19: Police administration in Kokrajhar have intensified strict steps against the drugs peddling in the district and apprehended a drugs pedler from Baruapara area in Kokrajhar on Wednesday.

Getting information about the movement of drugs pedler, police conducted a search operation having inputs about drugs pedling at Baruapara area under Kokrajhar police station today morning and able to detect a drugs pedler along with huge amounts of drugs containers.

The arrested person was identified as Gul Hussain (20), Lakhiganj of Dhubri district. He was supposed to sale the heroines in Kokrajhar.

Police seized 186 nos heroine containers from his possession and market value of the seized heroine would be approximately nearly 20 lakhs.

Additional SP of Kokrajhar, Surjeet Singh Panesar told that the police have arrested a person who involved with drugs peddling case.

He said that the police administration has intensified strict steps against the drugs peddling or heroine peddling activities in the district. He said that the police carried out a search operation against the drugs peddling case along the Baruapara area today morning and accordingly able to apprehend a drugs peddler.

Meanwhile, police arrested two cattle smugglers from Nayekgaon area and detected 12 cows.

The cattle smugglers were tried to smuggle from the Nayekgaon area when police team detected them.

The cows and arrested persons were brought to Kokrajhar police station. Interrogation is going on into the incident.