Durga goddess idols designed with traditional Aronai in Kokrajhar Durga Puja celebration



KOKRAJHAR, OCT 23: In a way for marking traditionally celebration of Durga Puja, the idol of Durga Goddess was designed with traditional Aronai and Phulam Gamocha at the puja mandhap of ex-BTC executive member Rajib Brahma’s residence puja celebration in Kokrajhar town.
Like previous year, this year too, family members of Rajib Brahma organised the Durga Puja at his residential complex at JD Road near Indian Oil depot in Kokrajhar town which showcased attractive dressed up of Goddess Durga with traditional Aronai and Phulam Gamocha on it’s puja celebration.
Jyotika Brahma, wife of Rajib Brahma and devotees offered their prayer and worship to the Goddess Durga on the day of Maha Saptami today during the Durga Puja celebration.
The idols were especially, designed with traditional Aronai and Phulam Gamocha to attract the devotees and visitors during the Durga Devi celebration.
Devotees and puja organisers prayed to the Goddess Durga Devi to get rid from COVID-19 impact among the society.
Jyotika Brahma said that her family has been carrying the Durga Puja at their own house since few years ago and praying for welfare and integration of the common masses.
She said that pundits from Dhubri and Guwahati are performing puja activities and especially for good integration of society.She said that idols of Goddess Durga Devi and statues are dressed up traditional attire Aronai and Phulam Gamocha which is our state’s identify and culture of the indigenous peoples.She has offered Prayer and worship to the Durga Goddess to get blessings from her to get healthy living as well integration in the state.

Ram Pande,pundit from Dhubri said that the Goddess Durga idol was designed with traditional Aronai and Phulam Gamocha to offer warm welcome and respect on the occasion.
He said that the Durga Puja celebration had been aiming to get healthy living as well from the impact of the deadly Coronavirus outbreak pandemic across the state.
Meanwhile,the BTC region Akhil Hindivashi Vikash Parishad celebrates Navaratri at Mahesh Mandir in Kokrajhar since Wednesday to offer prayer and worship to the Goddess Durga Devi.
Secretary of the Parishad Ranjit Mahato said that the Vikash Parishad organised the Navaratri during the ongoing Durga Devi celebration.”
“We do offer our prayer and worship to the Goddess Durga Devi for getting free from impact of the Coronavirus outbreak”,he said.
The Durga Puja celebration has been seen organised amidst maintaining COVID-19 protocol in Kokrajhar,heart town of BTR administration.
Today is Maha Saptami day of the Durga Puja being organised at different puja mandhaps in Kokrajhar district.Devotees and puja followers are thronging at the Puja mandhaps to offer their prayer and worship to the Goddess Durga on the occasion.
 The Durga puja has been organism amidst maintaining social distancing and protocols of the COVID19 to combat the Coronavirus pandemic across the state.
On the occasion of Durga Puja,various parties and organisation leaders including, UPPL president Pramod Boro,ABSU president Dipen Boro,Assam Social welfare minister Pramila Rani Brahma,ex more UG Brahma, fomer BTC executive members Rajib Brahma, Bonzar Daimary, Ansumwi Khunggur Boro, BJP leader and candidate for Fajita constituency  Arup Kumar Dey,BPF  candidate for Dotma constituency Prakash Basumatary, social activist Jyotika Brahma have extended Durga Puja greetings to all citizens of the state.They have prayed for the welfare and healthy integration among the society and hoped that the Durga Puja prayer will bring an environment to end the COVID-19 pandemic among the human society.

Dey has extended Durga Mata greetings to all citizens of the state and wishes a happy Durga Puja celebration Madrid’s the region.
Nearly 90 puja pandals have been erected amidst strict maintaining of COVID-19 protocol in entire Kokrajhar district to celebrate the Durga Puja which has begun from Thursday.
Kokrajhar deputy commissioner, Bhaskar Phukan told that there are nearly 90 puja mandhaps have been erected puja pandals at various places in three subdivisions of Kokrajhar district this time.He said that the Durga Puja celebration has been organised in a strict maintaining of COVID-19 protocol across the district.
He said that puja celebration committees have been asked to maintain social distancing and using of sanitization in the puja mandhaps.
The puja celebration committees are directed to follow and maintain strict guidelines reached from government and health department to combat the COVID-19 pandemic across the state.
All puja celebration committees have been asked to install CCTV and sanitize the puja mandhaps properly and puja pundits must be COVID-19 test before taking puja prayer active on the occasion.
The Durga puja has begun from Thursday as today is Maha Saptami day of the Durga Puja celebration.
Idols of the Goddess were installed at the puja committees Thursday evening.
A strict law and order arrangements are made from the district administration to maintain peaceful and smooth successful of the puja celebration in the district.
He informed that necessary security deployment and officials have been deployed in all puja mandhaps to meet peaceful success of the Durga Puja.
Due to COVID-19 pandemic,this time puja committees have arranged their puja mandhaps with a limited budget and decoration are seen very thin.
“We are just organizing the Durga puja traditionally to celebrate our tradition in the wake of COVID19 pandemic across the state.The puja mandhap was arranged with a simple decoration”,said a puja celebration committee member of Gaurnagar in Kokrajhar town.



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