Election Campaigning Gains Momentum in BTR


KOKRAJHAR, OCT 18: Although the state election commission is yet to declare the dates to the general elections of Bodoland Territorial Region(BTR), various political parties including Bodoland People’s Front (BPF), United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Gana Suraksha Party (GSP), Congress, AIUDF are seen busy in campaigning in support of their party candidates across the four districts of the BTR.

The general elections to the BTR for 40 member house, has been deferred for indefinite period due to COVID-19 pandemic across the state which was scheduled to be held on 4th April last.

In the elections, UPPL is contesting in 40 seats, BPF 37, BJP 27, GSP 35, AIUDF 7, Congress 13. Parties are seen busy in their massive campaigning to woo the common voters with their party strategies ahead the council elections. Different parties so far have reached out to the voters with highlighting their election manifestos that promises human welfare and development services for the citizens in days to come.

UPPL party leaders including party chief Pramod Boro, ex MP and senior party leader UG Brahma are seen busy in campaigning at various constituencies in support of party candidates across the BTR districts. The UPPL party claimed that common voters are voting in favour of UPPL party candidates for healthy parivartan and massive welfare aspects across the region in the ensuing BTR elections.

Election campaigning gains momentum in BTR
In Pics: Matiur Rahman (Credit: SpeedNewsToday)

On Sunday, UPPL candidate for Fakiragram constituency in Kokrajhar district, Matiur Rahman told that UPPL party is fully prepared to contest the council elections and his candidature is getting massive support from all walks of life. He said that he is winning the votes in Fakiragram constituency. Rahman said that UPPL party is winning majority seats of the 40 member house of the BTR legislative assembly in the ensuing council elections and forming the BTR assembly. He said that common masses are voting for Parivartan in the BTR. He alleged that BPF party has failed to work for the common peoples in their 17 year Rule out BTR administration.

On the other hand, BPF secretary and former president for Bodoland Women’s Justice Forum, Dr Anjali Daimary addressed an election campaign at Jainary playground under Debargaon constituency for BPF candidate Hagrama Mohilary, who is also BPF president.
Daimary said that BPF party is getting massive support from the common masses in the region. She said that BPF party is forming the BTR assembly with winning majority seats in the BTR. She said that BPF party was working for the welfare and development of the citizens in the council area.

Election campaigning gains momentum in BTR
In Pics: Dr Anjali Daimary (Credit: SpeedNewsToday)

She has claimed that BPF party is winning majority seats to form fourth consecutive term in BTR assembly house as citizens from all walks of life are coming forward to vote on favour of BPF party.


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