Emmanuel Mushahary likely to join BJP in December

KOKRAJHAR, OCT 13: Tamulpur MLA of BPF party Emmanuel Mushahary has claimed that massive distancing between BPF-BJP parties and alliance has been getting deep in the state.
In an interview with reporters today in Kokrajhar, Mushahary, who was general secretary of BPF party said even though the alliance has not so far break down, but the relation between BJP and BPF parties are going distancing in today’s hour.
He said that BPF leaders are seeing rift within the party organisation.
Mushahary said that he has distanced relation with BPF party since last five months and joining the BJP party by December next after BTC council elections.

“People in the BTC council wants Parivartan and accordingly BJP will be voted to the power”, he said adding that BPF party has failed to work for the welfare and development of the common masses.

BJP party has been working for all round development of the state.
He said that he has been working on behalf of BJP party in the BTC council region. He also informed that he is joining the BJP party by December next along with twenty thousand supporters. He has also alleged that massive corruption and anomalies are reported in the BTC region as common masses are depriving their due rights and welfare aspects.


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