Ex-BLT Members Yet to Get Ex-Gratia, Rehabilitation


KOKRAJHAR, NOV 10: Majority members of the Ex-BLT welfare society has slammed BTAD administration and governments for depriving their due welfare and developmental aspects as well ex-gratia being after part of the historic the then BTC (Bodoland Territorial Council) accord in 2003.

A joint meeting of ex BLT members from four districts of BTC was held at Elashijhar in Kokrajhar district today where hundreds of ex BLT leader, member and cadres participated and  discussed thoroughly on their due arrears of ex gratia and some other welfare aspects.

The meeting has termed that BTC administration and state government failed login accord welfare and development services in since after signing of historic BTC accord in 2003. The meeting has decided to convene general meeting of the Ex-BLT in Baksa in the last part of this November month. The ex BLT members have expressed their resented for not getting any welfare and ex-gratia from the BTAD administration and governments till date.

Ex-BLT Members Yet to Get Ex-Gratia

Signing after BTC accord in 2003, there were 3630 cadres of the ex BLT members laid down arms and come to the mainstream. Most of the ex BLT members have absorbed self establishment, some have engaged in government, but till date nearly 2000 members are still today deprived their ex gratia and leading miserable life across the state.

In the meeting several ex BLT leaders including ex BTC executive member Mono Kumar Brahma (Kokrajhar), Mithisar Goyary (Baksa), Janil Kumar Daimary (Udalguri) were prominent attendees.

Brahma, who was held two time executive member in BTC council, said that BTAD administration and government couldn’t provide ex-gratia and welfare steps for the ex BLT members who had sacrifice their lives during the Bodoland movement struggle and now they have been deprived due welfare spirits.He said that ex BLT members will pressurise the government for granting welfare and ex-gratia.

He said that after the signing of BTC accord in 2003, ex-BLT leaders formed BPF party and ruled the BTC administration since 2003 in a majority support of the peoples in the region.

He has admitted that some leader and members of the ex-BLT have established their life as well politically gained up, but several hundred cadre and members are drill remaining far from welfare and ex-gratia grants from the governments till today.

“We sacrificed our life for the cause of the Bodo society being part of the Bodoland movement led by BLT, but today our contribution and sacrifice has gone in disrespect due to insincerity attitudes from BTAD ruled BPF party and government itself. We are now very upset as our colleagues are in reign since 17 years in BTC administration”, Brahma said.

Ex-BLT Members Yet to Get Ex-Gratia

Former member of ex-BLT from Baksa district, Mithisar Goyary informed that there was a meeting in Kokrajhar today to discuss about the issues and grievances of the ex BLT members who are yet to get ex-gratia and several welfare aspects from BTAD as well government. He said that government had promised to provide ex-gratia as rehabilitation for the ex-BLT members those had contributed come to the mainstream through the BTC accord, but till date no any ex-gratia or rehabilitation was reached to the ex-BLT members.
“We are waiting ex-gratia grants or rehabilitation opportunities from the governments since 2003. BPF ruled BTAD administration and governments are not showing sincerity while providing rehabilitation aspects of which why majority members are leading their life in a miserable situations across the state”, Goyary added.

Ex-BLT Members Yet to Get Ex-Gratia

Former member member BLT from Udalguri district, Janil Kumar Daimary while expressing resented for not getting any welfare services and initiatives from BTAD administration, said that the ex BLT members across the state are not getting any opportunities to gain up their life so far.

He said that several leaders of the ex-BLT members have become part of the BTAD ruling BPF party and they had only get the opportunities for establishing their life, but several hundred ex-BLT members are far from ex gratia and welfare facilities.

“We are still yet to get ex gratia and any welfare services from government administration they were part of the historic BTC accord. We are now facing severe hardships in leading our daily life”, he added.


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