Ex BLT Welfare Society Chairman Expresses Unhappy


KOKRAJHAR, FEB 5: Ex-BLT welfare society chairman Janamahan Mushahary expresses his unhappy over the house search in his Kokrajhar town residential complex on Thursday.

Speaking the reporters at a News Conference held at BPF party office in Kokrajhar today, Mushahary has expressed his resented over the police’s house search in his house which had seized several materials including his wife’s gold ornaments.

He has termed that the house search in his house was unfortunate and expressed his suspect to be politically motivated and does not suited in a democratic country without any reason.

He has denied involvement with the recoveries of caches of arms and ammunitions from Nasraibil area under Gossaigaon subdivision recently in Kokrajhar district.

He said that he is a peace loving citizen and presently chairman of ex BLT welfare society to work for the welfare of the former BLT members.

He has confessed that police seized several goods including his wife’s gold ornaments, bank cheque books, two air guns etc.

He said that he has been cooperating the police administration during the house search periods in his house.

He said that ex BLT members had laid down all arms and ammunitions through the spirit of BTC Accord 2003 (December) and accordingly the peace has been prevailed in the region.

He informed that police seized materials from his house which are included gold ornaments, bank cheque book, cash money, two air guns during the house raid.

Mushahary has made an appealed to the state government and BTC administration to provide rehabilitations to the former BLT members, surrendered NDFB and surrendered ULFA members along with NDFB members for paving the way healthy development.

He said that the ex-BLT welfare society was working for the welfare and development of the former BLT members, surrendered NDFB and ULFA members since it’s inception.

Meanwhile, SP Kokrajhar Rakesh Roushan told that the investigation is going on into the recoveries of huge caches of arms and ammunitions from Nasraibil area.

He informed that police administration conducted raid in the residential complex of ex-BLT welfare society chairman Janamahan Mushahary’s house on Thursday having inputs about arms and ammunitions recoveries at Nasraibil recently.

He said that investigation is going on.

However, Roushan refrained from disclosing anything about house search of Mushahary.


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