Ex MP Bwiswmuthiary Slams BTR Accord


KOKRAJHAR, FEB 10: Former Lok Sabha MP and president of World Bodo National Confederation and the All India Bodo People’s National League for Bodoland Statehood Sansuma Khunggur Bwiswmuthiary has again expressed his unhappy and slammed the third Bodo peace Accord signed on 27th January (2020) which has created Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) in the history of political arena within the northeastern region for not getting suitable subject and clauses of rights and responsibilities.

Speaking the reporters at a press conference held at Nirvana Garden in Kokrajhar on Wednesday, Bwiswmuthiary has strongly expressed resented over the BTR accord and termed that the BTR accord was not acceptable in the line of political rights as were allotted in the second Bodo accord which was created Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) in 2003 in a tripartite peace talks signed on 10th February.

He said that on the suspicious occasion of the celebration of the 18th Annual anniversary of the signing of the second Bodo peace accord that came into the fruition on the 10th February, 2003 resulting into the formation of a self-ruled autonomous geo-political entity called Bodoland Territorial Areas Districts (BTAD) and it’s administrative unit or mechanism called Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) under the provisions of the sixth schedule to the constitution of India.

” I do convey my mournful and respectful as well as revolutionary tributes to all the departed great souls of around five thousand heroic Bodos including Bodofa Upendra Nath Brahma and their all respective wretched and bereaved family members, and at the same time, I also congratulate all the struggling Brave Bodo people as a whole nation including the signatories and their compatriot BLT cadre, leaders and also all the leaders of different frontal organisations of the entire Bodo nation in honour of their supreme sacrifices and contributions laid and made during the long period of hard struggles between 1987 and 2003″, he said.

He has also convey his deepest sense of respectful and revolutionary tributes to those brave and daring Bodo People who laid their present for their future younger generation in the wake of the six years long Bodoland MassMovement (1987-1993) which led to the creation of a separate political administrative unit called Bodoland autonomous council in 1993 ,the sacred beginning of laying the first foundation of Bodoland on the earth which did not exist never before. I also must have to thank all alive former leaders, workers, members and supporters of all the Bodo nationalist organisations with special mention to ABSU of that period of time and the erstwhile BPAC.

He has extended thanked all people of the different cross sections of the society for their moral and active support extended to the Bodos during terrible tragic days gone by.

” We also must have to thank the departed great souls of late Rajiv Gandhi, Rajesh Pilot, Ramvilas Pasowan, Atal Bihari Bajpayee ,Rajendra Kumari Bajpayee and many more others either from Assam or different parts of the country”, he said.

He is overwhelmed in grief and sadness for the greatest kind of betrayal roles played by a few select so-called and pseudo Bodo leaders who have been planted as the sharpest kind of ax like weapons by the the deadly anti-Bodo Tribal Governments and their agencies aimed at sabotaging the future prospect of a full-fledged separate state of Bodoland by way of involving the concerned traitors in question in the process of signing the curse like new Bodo Peace Accord on the devil day of the 27th January, 2021.

He has said that sooner is better than never late to denounce the so called misnomer and irrelevant concept of BTR by whole Bodo nation aiming at mounting tremendous kind of democratic pressure to initiate the process of fresh political negotiations and peace dialogues on the whole issues relating to impending need of the creation of a much long awaited separate state of Bodoland and bringing about an honourable and lasting political solution to the unresolved protracted Bodo militancy question without any further more delay and politicking so that the aboriginal Bodo tribal people also can live in peace within their promised ancestral Homeland of a Bodoland with equal dignity, self -respect and with their distinct ethnic Self-identity at Par with the rest of the country uninterrupted by others in no way.

“The ripe and right time for the Bodos to get united and to work together and also to rise up with converted force and unwavering efforts to realise our due claim for the attainment of a separate state of Bodoland in line with other ethnic, linguistic, cultural and ethno-political well as geographical area based groups of people with special mention to the Nagas, the Mizos, the Garos -the Kashis -the Jayantias, the Arunachalese, the Bengaliese, the Orrias, the Biharese, the Marathas, the Gujratese, the Tenganganas, the Telegus, the Keralaits, the Goans, the Puducheries, the Cannadas, the Himachalese, the Punjabese, The Jharkhandis, the Unttarakhandis, the Chhatisgorians, the Andhras, the Rajasthanise and many others in free India”, Bwiswmuthiary said.

Meanwhile,the Bodoland People’s Front (BPF) party observed the 18th Bodoland Day to mark the second BTC accord day at Kadamtola near Barama in Baksa district.

BPF president and former BTC chief Hagrama Mohilary graced as chief guest on the occasion.

Mohilary said that the BTC accord was signed on 10th February in 2020. He said that the BTC region ushered massive welfare and development through the BTC accord since 2003.

Earlier, Mohilary offered rich floral tribute to martyrs at Bodoland martyrs cemetery ground at Debargaon in Kokrajhar.



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