Ex-MP Sansuma Khunggur Bwiswmuthiary Seeks Fresh Political Dialogue On Bodoland Statehood


KOKRAJHAR, MAR 23: Former Lok Sabha MP and president of All India Bodo People’s National League for Bodoland Statehood (AIBPNLBS) Sansuma Khunggur Bwiswmuthiary has sought a fresh political dialogue over the Bodoland statehood issue to grand a healthy development and integration of the Bodoland belts within the Indian constitution.

Addressing the reporters today at a press conference held at Kokrajhar Press Club, Bwiswmuthiary has strongly expressed his dissatisfied with the BTR accord (Bodoland Territorial Region) which was signed on 27th January (2020) and termed that the BTR couldn’t fulfilled hopes and aspiration of the citizens of the region. He has stressed that the BTC accord (Bodoland Territorial Council) which was signed on 10th February (2003) under the spirit of sixth scheduled of the constitution.

He has slammed the BTR accord signatories, state government and centre for malpracticely signing the BTR accord which had created confuse and unsuited environment among the peoples in the region.

He informed that a PIL petition was lodged with Gauhati High Court against the BTR accord and sought a properly status about the accord.

He said that the BTR accord is not an acceptable for the citizens of the region.

He has demanded a fresh political dialogue into the Bodoland statehood issue for paving the way peace and harmony among the society in Bodoland belt.