Five Teer Gambling Sellers Arrested In Kokrajhar


KOKRAJHAR, JAN 10:  Kokrajhar police have apprehended five teer gambling agent sellers who are running illegally teer gambling today in Kokrajhar town and it’s adjoining areas.

Police administration has carried out a checking against the teer gambling and able to apprehend five persons for involved with illegally carrying teer gambling in Kokrajhar town and seized a huge amounts of teer selling receipt books and recovered cash Rs. 2.60 lakh from arrested persons.

They are identified as Nabo Saha, Subajit Kar, Nitai Karmakar, Sanjay Das and Raju Mondal.

“Police administration in Kokrajhar has intensified strict step against the teer gambling incidents across the district and more operation is going on against the incident”, said a senior police officer.