Forest Dept Vehicle Damaged, 16 Arrested in Kokrajhar


KOKRAJHAR, JAN 13: Sensational situation prevailed along the Ultapani Saralpara under Haltugaon forest division along the Indo-Bhutan border in Kokrajhar district following illegal encroachers tried to occupy the forest lands.

The incident took place at Ultapani Gorai Bazar along the Ultapani-Saralpara road at around 10 am in the morning which left a vehicle damaged and serious injuries of forest staffs.

Need to be mentioned that illegal encroachers had attacked on Ultapani forest office on 17th August last year that left massive damaged of properties and official documents.

According to forest officials, hundreds of illegal encroachers have gathered at Gorai Bazar along the Ultapani Saralpara road in the morning on Wednesday and planned up to occupy the forest lands for habitation inside the Haltugaon forest division. The illegal encroachers have seen ready with needy materials for occupying the forest lands with cutting blocks for their living inside the forest areas.

In the meantime, the forest department tried to prevent the encroachers from occupying the forest lands and immediately illegal encroachers have attacked on forest staffs and vandalised several vehicles of forest department on the spot at Gorai Bazar.

In the incident, six forest staffs received serious injuries besides before that illegal encroachers has gheraoed the forest staffs who were on duty.

Seeing the situation tense, forest department and police have to fire several nearly 50 round blank fires in the sky to disperse the illegal encroachers to control situation.

The illegal encroachers have targetted massive attack on forest department officials as they have to getting obstruction while occupying the forest lands.

As many as 16 persons have been arrested for attacked and vandalisation on forest staff and vehicles on Wednesday at Ultapani Saralpara under Haltugaon forest division along the India-Bhutan border in Kokrajhar district.

A high level team of police administration led by SP Kokrajhar Rakesh Roushan rushed the spot immediately and conducted strict operation against the incident.

Officials and jawans from CRPF, SSB, Indian army rushed the spot and continuing their search operation against the incident.

In the operation, police have able to seize two vehicles and a bike which were used by illegal encroachers during the incident.

The seized vehicle’s bearing registration numbers are AA01BF 1461 (Bolero), NL04T 1019 (Tata sumo) and Bike (AS  26D 3567).

The arrested persons and seized vehicles have been brought to Ultapani forest office.

Range officer of Ultapani range, Hemanta Mushahary told that illegal to nearly 1000 from different places gathered at Gorai Bazar since morning and later attacked forest staffs badgers vandalisation of forest department vehicle on the Ultapani Saralpara road.

“Illegal encroachers tried to illegally occupy the forest lands forcefully where forest department and police have to fired nearly 50 rounds of blanks in the sky. The forest department officer and staffs face attack and vandalisation”, he said.

He said that the illegal encroachers have come with well-planned to attack and creating chaos in the region and accordingly the situation turned into violence.

He informed that strong search operation against the incident has been continuing in the area.

SP Kokrajhar Rakesh Roushan said  a strict investigation is on into attack and illegally land occupying related cases under the Haltugaon Forest division in Kokrajhar district.

He told that several sharp weapons including Kukhri were seized from illegal encroachers.

He said that a strict security vigil has been deployed in the area.

He has termed that the incident was occured while forest department officials tried to prevent the illegal encroachers entry to the deep jungles in the morning.

He said that police has been taking strict step against the illegally encroachers who are trying to occupy forest lands for their living.

He said search operation is on against the incident in the Ultapani Saralpara forest area along the India Bhutan border in Kokrajhar district.

“Police has been initiating strong operation and more people would be arrested those were involved with incident. No one would be spared”, Roushan said.


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