Forest Minister Parimal Suklabaidhya Inaugurates Raimona National Park


KOKRAJHAR, JUN 10: Assam Forest minister Parimal Suklabaidhya formally inaugurates the newly created Raimona National Park (RNP) today at New Nabinagar near Kachugaon under Gossaigaon subdivision in the presence of BTR CEM Pramod Boro.

The Raimona National Park was announced by state government on 5th June and accordingly today inaugurated. The RNP has been covered up 422 sq kms along the Ripu Reserve forest under Kachugaon forest division of Kokrajhar district.

The RNP has been attracting the eco tourism in the tourism sector and hopeful that local peoples and natural resources would be protected in days to come.

The RNP has been situated along the Bhutan foothills and adjacent to West Bengal in it’s boundary in West.

The RNP is regarded as second national park after Manash National Park in BTC districts.

Minister Parimal Suklabaidhya said that BJP led NDA alliance government is committed to work for the welfare and development of the BTR region with dedicatedly in days to come.

He said that the Raimona National Park is come out to attract tourism in the region and extending help while creating healthy environment in the state.

Earlier,the Bodoland region witnessed unrest and violence during the movement period,but now the region is getting seeing healthy living with integration and accordingly peoples are getting peace and harmony situation.

He said that the citizens must come forward to take caring with building uplift and development of the Raimona National Park in coming days.

“Raimona National Park would be uplifted with properly implementation of all necessary steps and measures to establish the Raimona National Park in a big way in the state” , he said adding that “People’s help and cooperation will be extending support in bringing the national park a great name and fame in coming days”, Parimal Suklabaidhya said.

He has affirmed that the state government is ready to extend help and support to the Raimona National Park at any situation.

“We must have a healthy environment and citizens must come forward for peace progressive environment”, he said.

Wild animals would be translocated from other parks to the Raimona National Park within short span of days”, he said.

Suklabaidhya has urged all citizens must maintain social distancing and using hands sanitization as well as masks to combat the ongoing COVID-19 situation in the state.

Parimal Suklabaidhya formally handed over the gazetted official notification of the Raimona National Park to the BTR CEM Pramod Boro on the occasion.

The state government will continue it’s support to the Raimona National Park to the BTR region.

The announcement of Raimona National Park is a great gift for the BTR region in the BJP led alliance government’s one month old government in the state as today the state government today completes 30 days at Dispur.

The natural resources and heathy environment must be protected at any costs.

BTR CEM Pramod Boro has expressed his happiness after getting formally inauguration of the Raimona National Park in Kokrajhar district today.

We do hopeful that the declaration of Raimona as national park would be giving healthy facility for earning livelihood and integration in the region.

” We must conserve natural sceneries and wildlife in the region”, Boro said adding that the Raimona National Park is a ecotourism with bringing healthy welfare and development among the society.

He has extended thanks to the state government and officials.