GSP Winning Majority Seats in BTC Council: MP Sarania


KOKRAJHAR, SEP 30: Lok Sabha MP and president of Gana Suraksha Party(GSP) Naba Kumar Sarania said his GSP party is winning majority seats of the 40 member house of the BTC Legislative Assembly in the ensuing council elections.
Addressing to the reporters at press conference on Wednesday held at Bodoland Guest House in Kokrajhar, Sarania said that his party is contesting in 35 seats in the BTC council elections and winning over 30 seats to form the BTC council.He said that peoples from all sections and the communities are extending support to the GSP party to get good governance in the region.
He has said that there will be no alliance with anybody in the BTC council elections and party is getting massive in the region.
“GSP party is getting majority seats in the ensuing BTC council elections.We are forming BTC council elections with majority seats”, Sarania said.
He has demanded conduct of BTC election as soon as possible through the strict maintaining of COVID-19 protocols.
Sarania has emphasized for bringing corruption free environment in BTC and corruption practices must be stopped in the state.
On the recent BTR accord, he said
the BTR accord was signed only with Bodoland movement groups and not involved other citizens/ organisations those are living in Bodoland region.
He has urged state government to make reports of CBI investigation into Lafikul Islam Ahmed murder case public, said that Lafikul Islam Ahmed murder case’s CBI investigation report must be made public and involved culprits should be punished at any costs.
MP Sarania has denied allegations of Dhananjay Sarania, who made alleh
Dhananjay Sarania is not with BTAD army,who recently made explosion of allegation against MP having illegal arms.He said that Dhananjay Sarania was not commander of BTAD army.
He has demanded strict steps against the illegal arms and held a healthy living in the region.
He informed that Dhananjay Sarania is not coming through the social integration,he is a person who always want to create unsuited remarks to blame for others.
Sarania urged the government and concern authorities to take strict steps against the illegal arms in BTC council.
He also demanded to provide rehabilitation to the members of NDFB through the BTR accord spirits.


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