Hagrama Eyes Integration of Regional Parties in BTC


KOKRAJHAR, DEC 22: President of Bodoland People’s Front (BPF) and former chief executive member of BTC Hagrama Mohilary has eyed integration of regional parties in Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) to reign with united forces keeping subsides of national parties.

Addressing the reporters at a press conference held at BPF party office in Kokrajhar in Tuesday, BPF chief Mohilary has made an appealed to all regional parties including UPPL, GSP, AGP etc to be united with integrity of the regional parties to form BTC government instead of national parties like BJP.

He said that his BPF party is ready to be united within the regional parties to reign the BTC council.

He has said that the national parties couldn’t fulfill hopes and aspirations of the regional issues and grievances, so regional forces should come forward towards the integrity and unitedly.

Mohilary’s reaction has come just within few hours after hearing verdict of Guwahati High Court gave hearing over the writ petition filed from BPF where High Court has asked BPF party for showing floor test on 26th December.

He has emphasized of that the regional parties should come forward unitedly to reign the BTC council in the council instead of alliance with national parties.

He has opined that the regional parties can safe the interest and integrity of the regional issues and grievances with properly among the society.

Mohilary has made clarification of that there would be no hesitation or critical feeling over the holding of positions like chief, deputy chief as well executive members in the BTC council if united spirit comes into reality in the BTC council.

“The holding of positions like chief, deputy chief in BTC administration are not a great matter in uniting the regional forces in the greater interest of people’s welfare in the BTC council administration in days to come”, Mohilary added.


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