Hagrama Mohilary Confident in Outnumbering the BJP


Web Desk, Nov 25: BPF chief Hagrama Mohilary said that they organised meetings with the elders and the people where they shared and discussed their views about the problems. And he requested to support him in bringing peace and togetherness in the region.

“Emanuel Mushahary and Biswajit Daimary are not good or strong leaders  even if they went from BPF, our party haven’t been affected by anything, it’s all good.”, he added.

He also claimed that they are keeping track for 12hours to 24hours about the five regions of Tamulpur and are getting a positive response.

“The mass gathering programme that was held by Dr Himata Biswa Sarma, almost ten to fifteen thousand gathered as most of them were from Kokrajhar, Udalguri, Rangia, Tamulpur Mongoldoi all combined.

The vehicles that they arranged for bringing the supporters were almost empty. I don’t have any problems with him addressing the people, as he doesn’t stand a chance against us.”, he said.


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