Hagrama Mohilary Fearing of Defeat in Election: UPPL


KOKRAJHAR, NOV 9: The padajatra rally of the UPPL party under Baukhungri BTC was concluded on Monday at Bhalukjhora ground with a closing programme in Kokrajhar.

Thousands of party supporters,well wishers participated the Padajatra rally which was started from Gendrabill via village road of Rainadabri.

UPPL candidate for Baukhungri constituency and UPPL vice president Pratibha Brahma told that her candidature is getting last laugh from the Baukhungri constituency with massive margin votes. She said that peoples from all sections of the communities are coming forward to vote in favour of UPPL party candidates across the four districts. She has expressed confidence that her party is winning absolute majority to form the BTC council.

Brahma has accused of BPF party that Hagrama Mohilary is fearing of massive defeat, so he is putting unsuited remarks on UPPL party since few months ago.

“We are participating in the BTC elections as common masses are wanting Parivartan and massive development in the region.We are getting last laugh fron the constituencies to meet good governance and integration among the society”, Brahma said.

Hagrama Mohilary Fearing of Defeat in Election: UPPL

President of UPPL women wing, Bina Goyary said that BPF chief Hagrama Mohilary has totally feared of massive defeats in the ensuing BTC council elections, so he is not letting any numbers of winning for UPPL party in the council elections.

She said that UPPL party is winning the majority in the council’s elections as peoples are wanting deep welfare officer development in the region.

She said that no any situation can stop UPPL party’s massive winning in four districts of Bodoland Territorial Council.

She said that UPPL party is party of common masses and emphasizing to make properly development and welfare aspects for the citizens in their 17 year ruled in BTAD administration.

Hagrama Mohilary Fearing of Defeat in Election: UPPL

She has alleged that BPF ruled BTC administration hss totally failed to work for the common masses.

She said that BPF party can’t win majority seats and thinking for the common peoples in their reigning.

She also claimed that UPPL party under the leadership of Pramod Boro is forming the next BTC council after winning majority seats.


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