Hagrama Mohilary inaugurates Hagrama Auditorium at BPF party office

KOKRAJHAR, SEP 17: President of Bodoland People’s Front (BPF)  Hagrama Mohilary has inaugurated newly constructed Hagrama Auditorium at BPF party office along the JD Road in Kokrajhar on Thursday. The Hagrama Auditorium was constructed by BPF party to facilitate programme and other occasion as well functions of the party activist. Mohilary, who was former chief of BTC administration inaugurated the auditorium which was named after him for contribution of party welfare and social development through his bold leadership in the Bodoland Territorial Council region. “BPF party has decided to dedicate the Hagrama Auditorium just named after Hagrama Mohilary to mark respect and offering deep honour him who has led the party and BTC council region that bring the BTC region in today’s juncture”, said a senior BPF party leader. Few year’s ago, the Rowmari Bridge over the Aie River in Chirang district which connects Chapaguri to Koilamoila was named Hagrama Bridge to extend respect and honour to BPF president Hagrama Mohilary. Presently,the Hagrama Bridge is now very popular for picnic hotspot and Dwijing festival in Chirang district. Notably, Hagrama Mohilary reigned the BTC council as chief since 2003 just signing historic BTC (Bodoland Territorial Council) accord. The BTC accord was signed after tripartite Bodo peace talks between centre, state and former leaders of Bodo Liberation Tigers (now defunct). Mohilary has been holding chief of BTC after getting majority seats in the council elections. On the occasion, nearly 200 new members from different party and organizations have joined the BPF party in the presence of BPF president Hagrama Mohilary.Mohilary and several senior party leaders welcomed the new members with traditional Aronai.
BPF president Mohilary has expressed his confidence of winning majority seats to form BTC council for fourth consecutive term in BTC administration. He said that BPF party is fully prepared for the ensuing BTC general elections. He said that BPF will be voted to the power with majority seats as common masses are voting in favour of BPF party. He said BPF wants all round development and welfare of all communities. Mohilary said the council is likely to be held by first week of November next. He has alleged that UPPL president Pramod Boro has been cheating the Bodos peoples as well other communities while he was ABSU president. He said that UPPL president Pramod Boro and ABSU had objected during the NRC against Bengali and Muslim communities besides opposing ST status granting to the Koch Rajbongshi and Adivashis in the state.
“On what ground,UPPL party is trying to provide financial support to the Self Help Group.The UPPL party never think welfare and development for the citizens in the region and so no to support UPPL party in the BTC elections”, Mohilary said. On the journalists welfare Initiative of UPPL party, Mohilary said that UPPL president Pramod Boro’s assurance to provide welfare Initiative for journalists of BTAD regional, it was only an assurance and  nothing going to be happened in near future. He said that Pramod Boro would not do nothing for journalists in BTAD region. He has claimed that BPF party was working for all round development of all communities in the BTC region and party is committed to work wholeheartedly in days to come for all round development of the citizens. Meanwhile, UPPL president Pramod Boro has denied the allegations levelled against him from BPF president Mohilary was totally politically motivated to divert the images of UPPL party. Boro said that Mohilary’s remark and allegations are baseless and unsuited in today’s hour. He said that BPF party is fearing of massive defeats in the ensuing BTC council elections, so Mohilary is indulging unnecessary remarks before the common masses against UPPL party to woo voters. He said that UPPL party was working for the welfare and development for all communities in the region and accordingly his party is getting massive supports in the council region. He said that the UPPL is always ready to step massive development through the spirit of BTR accord (Bodoland Territorial Region) which has been paving the way healthy development and integration in the region.
Boro has alleged that BPF party has failed to work for the welfare and development deep for the citizens in their 17 year rule in BTAD region and accordingly party chief and leaders are indulging unnecessary remarks against the UPPL party. Boro has assured to implement the promises and assurance enlisted in their party manifesto including welfare initiatives for the journalists in coming days if they voted to the power in the ensuing BTC general elections.


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