Hagrama Mohilary Is A Power Hungry Leader: Ridip Deka


KOKRAJHAR, MAY 27: A massive electioneering campaigning from different political parties in support of their respective candidates for the No.22 Koklabari constituency (ST) bye poll is seeing gaining up momentum to woo the common masses across the constituency in Baksa district.

The bye poll is scheduled to be held on 8th June and counting will be taking place on 12nd June.

Notably, the bye poll was necessitated in Koklabari constituency after existing Bodoland Territorial Region chief executive member Pramod Boro resigned as MCLA from the constituency as he was elected from the Tamulpur constituency and held the present CEM position.

Four candidates are in fray to contest the bye poll in the constituency including  UPPL-BJP-GSP candidate Mantu Boro.

As per source, there are nearly 72,000 voters across the constituency and ST voter’s population is the top in the voting pattern in the constituency.

On Friday, MLA of Bhawanipur LAC and BJP leader Phanidhar Talukdar inaugurated the office of the joint election steering committee of UPPL-BJP-GSP paty today at Simla.

Talukdar said that the ruling UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance party’s candidate Mantu Boro is getting last laugh from the Koklabari Constituency in a huge margin of votes. He said that the common masses of the constituency are awaiting to cast their votes in favour of UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance party’s candidate Mantu Boro who is regarded as people’s leader among the society.

He has mentioned that the Opposition BPF party is contesting the bye poll only to show it’s political activities among their party member and supporters in the constituency.He has said that BPF party can not be influenced among the citizens as of now BPF party is become irrelevant as well as baseless party in Bodoland Territorial Region districts.

He has expressed his confident that UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance party’s candidate Mantu Boro’s winning margin of votes would be huge as all sections of communities are coming forward to extend their support.

General secretary of Baksa district BJP party and chairman of UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance party’s election steering committee,Ridip Deka said that the opposition BPF party is now irrelevant party in Bodoland region because the ruling parties are jointly and unitedly put a candidate in the Koklabari constituency bye poll.

He said that all alliance party’s leaders and members are jointly coming forward while campaigning to woo the common masses across the constituency.

Deka has come down heavily on BPF president and former BTC chief Hagrama Mohilary who has been frequently attacking the rulling alliance government and it’s chief executive member Pramod Boro,said that the UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance government is going on smoothly with integrated manner and working dedicatedly towards for all round development of the society since it’s inception.

He has slammed Mohilary and BPF party for making politically motivated and fabricated statements against the rulling partied,said that UPPL led UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance government is leading the society with integrity and harmony among the various communities through which peoples are getting peace and tranquility in the region.

He has accused that BPF party and Hagrama Mohilary had failed while addressing the welfare and developmental aspects across the BTC districts in their 17 year rule in Bodoland Territorial Council districts.

Deka has termed that BPF president Hagrama Mohilary is a power hungry leader who always sees only the hot chair of position and subsequently making politically motivated statements to create confusion and chaostic environment among the common masses.

” In today’s juncture, BPF party and Hagrama Mohilary is irrelevant and baseless leader who was in the power for long 17 year rule.Mohilary never think for all round development and welfare of the common citizens who were deprived their due rights and aspiration in the region”, Deka.

He said that UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance party’s candidate Mantu Boro is getting last laugh from the Koklabari constituency in a huge margin of votes as peoples from walks of life are coming forward to extend support in favour of Mantu Boro to meet better governance in Bodoland Territorial Region districts.

Among others, BTR executve members Ranjit Basumatary, Dhananjay Basumatary, Ghanashyam Das, leaders from BJP, GSP parties were present in election steering committee office inauguration.