Helina Daimary Got Electric Shock – In Critical Condition


Kokrajhar, Aug 26: A famous boro actress Helina Daimary who is popular for राखाव रासि [Rakhao Rashi] dialogue, is in very critical condition after getting electric shock and has been brought to Nem Care Hospital Guwahati. In a report by her friend over a phone call told that she was in Guwahati when incident took place and don’t know the exact how it happen till the writing of this news. He also added that actress was in very critical condition after 30 minutes of electric shocked, she was half paralyzed and now the condition is normal.

Credits: Her Instagram

Helina daimary‘s last album was सिमां ना मोकथां (Dream or Reality) a boro featured album produced by RB film Production where Actor Siddharth Boro act as a Army officer and Helina as house wife. Their chemistry of romance was a perfect couple. The album got a very good response that cross more than 2 lakh in one days, Helina Daimary thanks in a Facebook post.


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