If UPPL Comes To Power, I Will Work For The Empowerment Of Women: Bina Goyary


Kokrajhar, Oct 14: The Women’s Wing President of United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL), Bina Goyary expressed her concern over the issues related to the women of BTR on Tuesday in an exclusive interview. Bina Goyary said being a president of Women’s Wing of the United People’s Party Liberal of BTR, I want to tell you that I have decided to empower the women of the BTR to meet their rights and needs if the UPPL come to power. “Women play an important role in the family, women empowering is a priority to build up a household so women empowering is important towards the family, society, and nation-building”, said Goyary. It has been seeing that Bina Goyary is participating in several meetings in various places of BTR. She is contributing her valuable services to the public especially women to empower them to build a better family, society and nation. Bina Goayary said Women empowerment is meant to be family development, village development and national development. She also said that we must empower women, I went through several meetings in the various constituency to wake them up for their rights and needs, that’s why these days, 70-80 % of women are attending the meeting in concern for their rights. Bina Goyary blamed Pramila Rani Brahma of BPF for not taking any initiatives for the development of women of BTR even though being an MLA and Cabinet minister of Assam in the last 30 years. She also blamed Kamali Basumatary of Bhergaon area who has become 20 years MLA but never worked for women empowerment. She said that even though being MLA in Assam Assembly why Pramila Rani Brahma and Kamali Basumatary has not fulfilled the needs of women in BTR. According to the Constitution, women have 30% rights but why they couldn’t bring a bit of its in BTC, said Goyary. Some women of BTR are still living with an old fashion some of them still selling firewood, wine, vegetables, and fish to afford a daily meal, some widow is living at the plastic cottage. Concerning these issues, Bina Goyary raised questions to Pramila and Kamali for not demanding to take a resolution in the last BTC government. She also blamed All Bodo Women Welfare Federation (ABWWF) for not taking any initiatives towards the empowerment of Bodo women in BTR. She said we have not seen ABWWF cooperation with Pramila Rani Bramha and Kamali Basumatary to pressure BTC government to take any good resolution towards women earlier. President of United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL) Pramod Boro has given us a promise to empower the women if the UPPL come to power after the election, Bina Goyary told reporters. The equal rights will be given to all the women of BTR and Pramod Boro has taken manifesto for the development of women and after the coming in power, UPPL has a priority to work on women empowerment. We hope and can guarantee UPPL will help us to uplift the women’s rights and Pramod Bodo has already promised to us that 30% rights of the Constitution will be given to women Bina Goyary told reporters.


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