Julie Spices Cottage Industry Launched In Kokrajhar


KOKRAJHAR, APRIL 23: Former deputy chief of Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) Kampa Borgoyary formally launched the Julie Spices a cottage industry today at Subashpalli in Kokrajhar town.

The Julie Spices is an organic locally found product- a small cottage industry, owned by promising entrepreneur Bharat Sarma of Kokrajhar town.

The Julie Species has been producing organic that are locally found products which are available in local market and bazar which are producing by local farmers.

The organic spices are including pickles, Ginger, chilly, Jeera masla, papad, masla papad etc.The organic products would be sold at a reasonable price and necessary marketing aspects are so far made.

Borgoyary has highlighted the importance of the locally found products like pickles, Ginger, chilly, Jeera masla etc and lauded the initiated by Sarma to enhance the trading aspects in the area.

Sarma said that he has started his business fee one year back and today ceremonially in the venture.

He informed that all spices items are made from local products which are producing absolutely organic.

He said that all items of the Julie Species would be sold at reasonable price.

He informed that his venture was started from last year and today formally launched his venture for market.

He said that Julie Spice’s market communication has so far made and traders are coming forward for purchase the Julie Spices.