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Kati Bihu celebrates in BTR districts

In Pics: Pramod Boro

KOKRAJHAR, OCT 17: Along with rest of the state, the Kati Bihu (Kati Bwisagu) was celebrated in four districts of Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) on Saturday evening with traditional phenomenon at the paddy fields on the last day Ashin month.

In Kokrajhar, farmers, apart from men and women are come out to celebrate the Kati Bihu in the evening to offer prayer and worship to the Lord Kartik devota.

Bodo women comes to the paddy field with traditional Bodo dhokona and lighted earthen lamp in the evening and offered worship to get healthy production of crops and free from insects affect on paddy crops.
The Kati Bihu is a traditional phenomenon to mark the day of the last day of the Ashin month every year.
UPPL president and former ABSU president Pramod Boro celebrated the Kati Bihu at his Tamulpur residence in Baksa district.
He and family members lighted earthen lamp at paddy field and offered their prayer and worship on the occasion.
Boro has extended Kati Bihu greetings to all citizens to the state. He said that may the Kati Bihu bring a healthy production of crops among the farmers in the state.

Assam Social welfare minister Pramila Rani Brahma has extended greetings to the citizens of the state on the occasion of Kati Bihu, said that it is a festival of peoples who are involving with agricultural cropping among the society.
Lok Sabha MP Naba Kumar Sarania, former MP UG Brahma, ABSU president Dipen Boro, ex BTC executive members Rajib Brahma, Bonzar Daimary have wished a happy Kati Bihu to all citizens of the state.



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