Maha Ashoka Astomi Celebrated In Kokrajhar


KOKRAJHAR, APRIL 20: Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 situation, peoples in large number are thronging to participate at the Gaurang river bank for Ganga snan on the occasion of Maha Ashoka Astomi celebration today in Kokrajhar.

Peoples from all walks of life are coming to the Gaurang River Bank since morning for bathing to get rid from disease or purity of healthy health.

Most of the peoples are seen not wearing masks as well maintaining Social distance while coming to the river bank on the day.

Devotees and Hindu religion followers have offered their prayer and worship to the Goddess Ganga Devi for getting welfare and healthy living in their family leading.

They have also offered their prayers to the Goddess Ganga Devi to get rid from the influence of ongoing COVID-19 situation through the Maha Ashoka Astomi celebration.

On the other hand, participating people and devotees are seen not using of social distance and masks in the river bank.